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  • Fred: I love working with young actors. I just think there's no other actor that brings such a freshness and a unique approach to work than young actors.

  • Fred: (on making "Daddy Day Camp") It was great making a movie that to me, at the core, is about fathers and sons, and what a dad will do to forge a better relationship with his son," he said. "And thematically, to be making that movie as I was forging my relationship with my son-it was a great parallel.

  • Fred: Acting to a large extent is really kind of a solitary pursuit-you go home and learn your lines, and then you go to work and sit in your dressing room until they call you to shoot, and you go shoot, and then you go back to your dressing room.

  • Fred: I like comedies that have a nice emotional heart to them, in a story that serves as a foundation. I just hope I keep doing good work and, hopefully, I can cross some genres, along the way.

  • Fred: (on working with kids on "Daddy Day Camp") I tried to take the best of what I liked about working with directors when I was a kid, and tried to eliminate all the stuff I hated. I've let that guide me, in working with all actors, in my directing career.

  • Fred: Having kids slows everything down. We used to be able to just pick up and go, now it's a chore just to get the groceries! If you forget one little binky, that is exactly what they will need the whole time you are out!

  • Fred: My family teases my wife and I all the time, we are the real life Kevin and Winnie. Jennifer and I grew up next door to each other, and were childhood sweethearts as well.

  • Fred: I took a big chance playing an abusive boyfriend to Candace Cameron. I wanted to step outside of Kevin Arnold, and she wanted to step outside of her Full House persona of DJ. For awhile, my younger fans seemed very disappointed in me, they couldn't differentiate the character from the actor.

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  • Fred had his first real kiss as a child with Danica McKellar who played his love interest/next door neighbor on the 1988 hit, The Wonder Years.

  • In 1985, Fred was painfully afflicted with osteoarthritis and had real difficulty performing simple tasks such as driving a car and walking up a flight of stairs.

  • Fred appeared on the music video of the song "Voices That Care".

  • Fred proposed to Jennifer with a five-carat sapphire ring from Neil Lane Jewelers. They got married on August 7, 2004 which took place at L'Orangerie Restaurant in Los Angeles, California.

  • Fred is five feet and ten inches tall.

  • Fred's father Lew is a real estate executive. His mother Joanne is a housewife. He has a younger sister Kala and a younger brother Ben, who is also an actor.

  • Having started his film-feature directing career in comedy and kids' fare, Fred admits to looking at careers of Chris Columbus and Shawn Levy as the ones he would like to emulate.

  • In preparation for directing Daddy Day Camp, Fred watched movies of a similar genre such as Parent Trap, Home Alone, Kindergarten Cop, Cheaper by the Dozen, and The School of Rock.

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