Garett Maggart

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Blair Sandburg on The Sentinel


5/24/1969, Darien, Conneticut

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  • Garett Maggart starred for four seasons as Blair Sandburg, alongside Richard Burgi in "The Sentinel", a one-hour action drama series from Pet Fly Productions in association with Paramount Network Television for UPN. The show occasionally runs in syndication on the Sci-Fi Network and is currently airing in Canada on Space. The first season of "The Sentinel" was released in April of 2006, marking the tenth anniversary of the premiere of the show. A second generation performer, Maggart was exposed to acting at an early age watching his father, actor Brandon Maggart. Garett's first role was a small appearance in the Robin Williams film "The World According to Garp" at the age of nine. Given the opportunity to play a guest starring role on the groundbreaking Showtime series "Brothers" that starred the elder Maggart, Garett decided he wanted to become an actor. His younger sisters, multi-platinum selling singer Fiona Apple and Cabaret star Maude Maggart are also enjoying show business careers. Garett gave a memorable portrayal as Weird Bruce, a radio producer on the highly rated "Frasier". He also had a recurring role on the NBC daytime drama "Days of Our Lives" and was a host for cable TV's musical variety series "Live From the House of Blues", which gave Garett a chance to indulge his love for playing the guitar and drums. Garett starred in the independent feature "Demon Under Glass, playing Dr. Joe McKay for director Jon Cunningham; then went on to appear in a recurring role as a mental health trial attorney opposite Academy Award winning actress Sally Field, on NBC's acclaimed series "ER". Most recently, Garett has completed work on the Universal Pictures feature "Because I Said So", starring Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore. The film is in post production and is slated for a February 2007 release.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Garett Carter Maggart



    Birth Place:

    Darien, Conneticut

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    • Garett: Actually, it consists of getting up at six o'clock in the morning, six or seven o'clock in the morning, working for twelve to fifteen hours, sixteen hours, going home, sleeping, waking up and doing it again. Weekends are spent sleeping and studying.

    • Garett: I went to high school, I graduated high school in Darien. Darien High School. And then I moved out to Los Angeles, and then to come up here was actually almost somewhat of a throwback to the east coast because it's a little bit colder and it's rainier and there's snow and so it took me a little while to adjust but it's beautiful up here. In Vancouver. This is where we're shooting.

    • Garett: For me, it (his favorite episode) was the pilot, just getting it all started. It was my first big part in terms of being the second lead, so it was a lot of pressure and it was so much fun. The production was so big, I couldn't tell you amount wise what they spent on the pilot. Just the explosions alone and flying to Canada to do it, the whole experience, not only the script itself, the actual experience of shooting was my favorite.

    • Garett: My mother actually had to go in for a parent teacher conference because my kindergarten teacher thought I was a little crazy, because I kept telling her that my father lived in the television set. She thought a vivid imagination was good, but that might be going a little too far. (on his father Brandon being on Sesame Street)

    • Garett: I was a little upset that if that's the way the show was going to end, that I was dead. I mean, that's a drag.

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    • Garett had an uncredited walk on appearance in the Robin Williams film The World According to Garp. Garett's dad Brandon played the wrestling coach and Garett had been watching the filming the day the kids walked up the stairs and into the locker room, so the director told Garett to walk as well. You only get a glimpse of 9 year old Garett as he waves to his dad from the top of the stairs. You can see a clip on his official website.

    • Garett and actress Sarah Michelle Geller (Buffy) were named the #1 votegetters in the UPN online poll for "Who Do You Imagine to be the Ultimate Love Boat Couple?" in 1999.

    • Garett is 5'8", 150 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes and is single.

    • Garett was listed in the top ten in the People Magazine Online poll "The 97 Most Intriguing People of 1997". He was also in the top twenty in the poll "The Third Annual 50 Most Beautiful People in the World."

    • Garett's father is actor Brandon Maggart and his brother is Spencer Maggart, who recently directed their half-sister Fiona Apple's music video "Parting Gift". Garett also has another half-sister, Cabaret star Maude Maggart as well as two sisters not in show business.