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  • Gary: If fear of flying is really fear of smacking into the ground, then fear of acting, or stage fright, is really the fear of being embarrassed. It's the fear of falling on your face in front of crowd. I've always felt acting works best when you're not afraid to make a complete ass of yourself. My friends tell me I've succeeded on that front splendidly.

  • Gary: The public is fickle, and so is the industry. They may forgive a turkey or two, but then they can turn on you. Hollywood doesn't offer many second chances, so I learned early on that when you are in front of the camera, make it count.

  • Gary: To be an actor is to give yourself all the excuses you've ever dreamed of to misbehave.

  • Gary: My reaction to the fans, in a word: Awe. The fans have been so great in their support and constant, unrelenting interest, appreciation and gratitude for the show. That makes me swell with pride, having been a part of the show, but also I am humbled to know that I was involved in something that touched people to that extent.

  • Gary: I am sincerely flattered that you are supporting me so eagerly! Your efforts to urge the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to immortalize me on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is incredible! I look forward to meeting YOU at the celebration! Thank you for your support!

  • Gary: When I became a young man, I put away childish things. Sort of. I grew up with the normal interests of sports, girls, science, and rock and roll, not necessarily in that order. When it came time to select a career I chose doctor.

  • Gary: When I was a kid all I ever wanted to do was play. I was the one on the block who was always organizing the neighborhood kids into these epic productions of make–believe. It was always based on whatever the current movie I had seen that week with my family.

  • Gary: When I approach a play or film, a new role, a new scene, I think about how I can bring up the juice, inject more extreme stakes––sort of up the ante.

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Trivia (18)

  • Gary’s father was a doctor.

  • Gary appeared with his Alien Nation co-star Eric Pierpoint in the movie “Steel”.

  • Gary is an avid gunsman.

  • Gary is also an avid Front Sight supporter, and a Silver First Family Member of the organization.

  • Gary has been a professional actor for over 25 years.

  • Gary is a practicing Christian.

  • Gary's favourite season/holiday of the year is Christmas. Mostly because of the time spent with his family, and he enjoys all of the festivities associated with the holiday.

  • Gary's Chinese astrological sign is the Tiger.

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