Gary Hogeboom

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Trivia (25)

  • He voted for Danni Boatwright to win in the finale of Survivor: Guatamala.

  • His vote for Cindy Hall on episode 11 of Survivor: Guatamala was the only vote for that episode that wasn't for him.

  • His wife's name is Kristi.

  • On Survivor: Guatamala he told his tribemates he was a landscaper, denying that he was a quarterback in the NFL when younger, even when sportscaster Danni Boatwright remembered him.

  • His favorite non-alcholic drinks are fruit smoothies and orange juice.

  • His favorite candy bar is Nestle Crunch.

  • His favorite kinds of cookies are chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin.

  • His favorite snack food is peanuts.

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