Gary Owens

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  • Gary: Community history is something that people need to pay attention to.

  • Gary: If anyone has the attention span of a crazed amoeba, they should enjoy all of these episodes!

  • Gary: It's been downright insegrevious, folks!

  • Gary: Not much change in the weather, or my wallet till next payday!

  • Gary: (on Laugh-In) See your doctor before it's too late. And if it's too late, come back in the morning, when he's open.

  • Gary: (on radio) The technical difficulty originally scheduled for this time has been postponed - due to technical difficulties.

  • Gary: (on radio) And now here he is, Gary Owens. Thank you very much, me!

  • Gary: (on Laugh-In) This is your offstage announcer reminding you... that this is your offstage announcer.

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  • Gary was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1994.

  • When Gary was on radio in the 1960's, he created some comic characters for his show such as the gruff old man Earl C. Festoon and his wife Phoebe Festoon, the stuffy old businessman Endocrine J. Sternwallow, the goofy good ol' boy, Merle Clyde Gumpf, and the crotchety old cantankerous Mergenthaler Waisleywillow.

  • Gary narrated phonograph records that contained clips from movies of 1930's in the 1960's.

  • Gary used to do bizarre give aways on the radio station, KMPC. One example was an autographed picture of the Harbor Freeway.

  • Gary authored a book called How to Make a Million Dollars With Your Voice (or Lose Your Tonsils Trying) in 2004.

  • Gary has been a scriptwriter for Jay Ward Productions.

  • Gary has done over 30,000 commercials.

  • Gary wrote a book called The (What to Do While You're Holding the) Phone Book in 1973. It was a comedic history of the telephone.

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