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  • Gavin MacLeod: (on fame while playing Stubing on "The Love Boat") I went to my (on-camera) captain's table one morning at 7 o'clock and there was Helen Hayes, Maurice Evans, and Mildred Natwick. When I was a little kid I went to the theater to see them.

  • Gavin MacLeod: (on his first interest in acting as a profession) When I was four years old I was in a Kindergarten play. I took my bow at the end and got applause. That told me, these people like me. I knew from that moment I wanted more of that.

  • Gavin Macleod: (speaking about his infamous role as the oily drug dealer "Big Chicken" on the show "Hawaii Five-O") But the character was so successful - that first one - that they wrote him again and he came in right at the end of the first year in a show called "The Box." I was up for an Emmy for that one too.

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  • While MacLeod never achieved Hollywood stardom, he did have notable roles in movies, beginning with I Want to Live! in 1957 and finishing with Kelly's Heroes in 1970.

  • Gavin MacLeod still appears in off-broadway plays today and hosted a Christian series of shows with his wife on the Trinity Broadcasting Network in the 1990s.

  • Gavin first appeared with actress Joyce Bulifant in McHale's Navy. They would later play husband and wife on the 1970s sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

  • Contrary to how The Mary Tyler Moore Show portrayed their characters, Gavin MacLeod was actually good friends with Ted Knight. They had known each other since the 1950s and had even shared the same agent at one time in the past.

  • Some of the activities that Gavin MacLeod has participated in outside of acting include being a paid spokesperson for Princess Cruises and representing the charities Feed the Children and Boy's Town, USA. He was honored as "Humanitarian of the Year" by the Gift of Life Foundation in 1992.

  • Gavin McLeod briefly served in the United States Air Force after finishing college in the 1950s.

  • Gavin's father was an Ojibwe ("Chippewa") Indian and was the owner of a service station in upstate New York.

  • MacLeod's first wife, Joan, was a "Rockette" and he met her while working a temporary job at Radio City Music Hall.

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