Gina Bellman

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Sophie Devereaux on Leverage


7/10/1966, New Zealand

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  • Gina's family immigrated from England to New Zealand in the 1950s. Gina Bellman was born in New Zealand to Russian-Polish-Jewish parents. She came to England at the age of 11. She became a household name after appearing in Dennis Potter's drama Blackeyes, although she says she always knew she wanted to do comedy as well. As of 2007, she lives in Los Angeles, California. She married Lucho Brieva, in July 2005 and they have 1 daughter, Romi, born November 20, 2009 in London. Bellman rose to fame as a star of the British series
    (2000-2004) and has starred in many series since. As of 2008, she plays grifter Sophie Devereaux on the series Leverage.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Gina Bellman



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    New Zealand

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    • Gina: (about how she intentionally acts badly) Yeah, it's difficult, especially when you're doing it in front of an Academy Award winner. You have to just leave your ego at the door. You think "Ok, I have to act badly in this scene in front of my contemporaries and a huge crew!" I think you just leave your ego at the door and you get on with it. I'm a bit more worried about one episode where she finally has to act well and everyone's so astonished because they expect her to be terrible, but actually she's really quite good. I'm more worried about that, what if I didn't act well in the scene where I'm supposed to act well?

    • Gina: (about if the character of Sophie Devereaux on Leverage follows the pattern she has had of the quirky, offbeat, non-mainstream characters) Yeah, I mean I think the most interesting characters are the sort of outsiders and the people that surprise you. My character in Jekyll was supposed to be this generic wife character in the beginning and then she was the surprise element. But in terms of playing quirky, I don't think you can ever play quirky. I think that's a mistake. If you start playing kooky then you're kind of cheating the audience, I feel. So, I don't think I'd put Sophie in those terms. I think she's funny in her behavior, but she's incredibly serious about what she does. She's very professional about grifting and stealing and she's ambitious and wants to be the best in the world at it. Then she has this massive payoff and needs to find a different thrill and a different sense of excitement. When Timothy's character recruits the team she's curious about what that would feel like, to help people and feel less mercenary.

    • Gina: (about if she is a "coffee and cats" type or a "tea and dogs" type) Coffee and goldfish. We had three, but Ant and Dec died so Cat's the only one left.

    • Gina: (about what she's looking for in life) I like to be active but sometimes I need to be bullied into it. That's why Mariella's so great; she's a good corporal to go travelling with. I hate routine and that's why I've had gear changes all through my career, going from film to stage and back. It's not that I'm dissatisfied, it's just that I'm insatiable!

    • Gina: (about how she has grown as an actor since working with Dennis Potter) I don't think I was ever that comfortable in an ingenue skin: I've felt much more powerful as an actress since I turned 30. Although you can rage on about there being fewer parts, they are much more interesting. As a director, I don't think Potter influenced me: he was very inexperienced. But as an intellectual and as a philosopher he influenced me greatly. I think what I went through working with Potter is common to all actresses finding their feet. But I loved working with Terry Johnson. And now doing Coupling is brilliant because Steven Moffat only writes two-thirds of the series and we fill the rest out collaboratively. As a cast, we bounce off each other and he uses our input.

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    • Gina's philosophy is: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Life is really challenging and you have to rise to the occasion of whatever it throws at you.

    • Gina's ideal night out to go and see a friend in a show when it is really good, and to be able to tell them how great it is. She finds that really thrilling.

    • Gina is bad at cooking. The only thing she can cook is a Greek salad.

    • Gina is good at being a good friend, helping people out and supporting them.

    • Gina has a thousand accents in her repertoire.

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