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  • (From 'If I Ruled The World' - Reply to Tim Brooke-Taylor's comment that it was high time The Goodies was repeated on TV) Graeme: I couldn't disagree was time to repeat them ten, fifteen years ago.

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  • Graeme's youngest son, Tom Garden, is a concept artist.

  • Graeme appeared on the comedy quiz show 'QI' in November 2006, where he gained 673 points, which is the highest score so far on the show.

  • Garden has recently written a play called 'The Pocket Orchestra' which ran in London from the 26th of April 2006 till the 20th of May 2006.

  • Currently, Graeme's voice is featured in the irreverent animated comedy series about a horrifically bad London comprehensive high school, 'Bromwell High'.

  • Graeme also wrote and directed the corporate video company Video Arts, famous for its training films starring John Cleese.

  • Graeme and Tim Brooke-Taylor were co-presenters of Channel 4's daytime game show 'Beat the Nation'.

  • Graeme was a regular team captain on the political satire game show 'If I Ruled the World'.

  • Graeme has also appeared on the UK version of the television series 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'

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