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  • Greg: (On the Band from Tv) I'm on Drums, Adrian Pasdar is on Guitar, Hugh Laurie from House is on keyboards, James Denton from Desperate Housewives is on guitar, Teri Hatcher Sings, Jesse Spencer from House plays fiddle, and we have a celebrity band and we play covers. We have a DVD on Amazon, which is actually the number 1 DVD right now, and it's called Hoggin all the covers.

  • Greg: (If he could read minds) I want in to the mind of Tim Kring so bad you have no idea! As actors on this amazing show, we are subjected to just as much of a rollercoaster ride as the viewers. We just get to take the ride a few weeks before you do. Tim and Dennis and Jesse and Joseph and Alan and Bryan and Michael and Greg and all the other geniuses behind this show know what lies ahead, but they won’t give it up! That sucks as an actor, when the material is this good and the twists and turns can either take you to the top of the food chain or bury you, never to be seen again. Let someone else use the power of mind-reading for the greater good of society...I just want to use it to keep my job on this show. I LOVE MY JOB! Can I take my head out of Tim’s ass now, please?

  • Greg: (If he could have any power) I would definitely not want everyone thinking of me in the “real world.” I have learned that all of these powers fall under the Be careful what you wish for... category. Too much information is not a good thing sometimes. I would want the ability to eat anything and everything I can get my hands on and not worry about gaining a pound. I want to walk around with a big C on my chest that stands for CARBS! I want the power of super-metabolism! Nothing against Weight Watchers; heck it’s working for me…but come on, how great would that be?

  • Greg (on wishing his character on Alias had been killed) I was hoping for this big Scarface like ending where I'm getting shot and I keep coming back with a cheeseburger in one hand and a gun in the other. J.J. Abrams (in response to Greg's comment): No way. I'm never going to kill you on this show.

  • Greg (on not Being in the Heroes pilot): There's a superstition that I share and that is that if I'm in a pilot, there's a problem. I wasn't in the pilot of Felicity, and I was a regular for years. I wasn't in the pilot of Alias, I was a regular for years. I was in the pilot for Lost, and I was eaten in about five minutes. So guess what, I'm not gonna do pilots anymore! I'll star in your shows, but I gotta start in the second episode.

  • Greg: (On what special power he would pick.) It's actually kind of sad the things people think about you in their own minds. I would love to have speed, the ability to travel long distances in a flash.

  • Greg: (must have DVD) Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I can't put that thing down. It's my all-time favorite movie. It's always either on to of the DVD or very near it. The kids and I love watching it together.

  • Greg: (On still getting recognized for his work on Felicity) All the time. Usually, people tell me that their daughter was off in college, and it was a way they could connect. And a lot of guys who say, "Don't tell anyone this but I loved that show."

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  • Greg Grunberg made a brief appearance as the pilot who crashed Oceanic flight 815 in the pilot episode of "LOST". In a short but dramatic scene with castaways Jack, Kate, and Charlie, he explained why their plane went down and why they would not be rescued anytime soon- and then promptly died.

  • Greg joined Weight Watchers to help his character shed some pounds.

  • Right now, while filming for Heroes, Greg is also filming for his upcoming movie, Magic, where he plays Detective Davis. (2006)

  • Greg played a small role in Mission Impossible 3. He can be seen in the beginning, during the Ethan Hunt's engagement party.

  • Greg was one of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive in 2006 along with the other men in the Heroes cast. They can be found in the Newcomers section of the magazine.

  • Greg originally auditioned for the part of Peter Petrelli in the show 'Heroes' but ended up with the part of Matt Parkman, which was changed/created for him.

  • The band Greg founded is called Band From TV. They are making a CD and can be found at He curently plays drums.

  • Greg plays in a celebrity band with Hugh Laurie and James Denton.

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