Gretel Killeen

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  • Gretel: (on educating her children) Every day my children learn something that makes them more capable to own their own lives and freedoms. Sometimes these lessons are learnt through school, other times around the kitchen table.

  • Gretel: (following her departure from "Big Brother") They are good people doing the show and I want to be supportive to them. And I love the anonymity. To have that freedom back has allowed me to kind of forget what it is like to live in that television world.

  • Gretel: (revealing she hasn't any regrets about leaving Big Brother, and commenting on the reports of poor ratings) I think it's much better not to have seen it. I wouldn't want to say its time has come or gone because it's not fair to the people who are doing it. I think people can sometimes exaggerate where the ratings are. I was ready to go, I'd done it for seven years.

Trivia (37)

  • In 2002, prior to its independence, Gretel visited East Timor as an ambassador for UNICEF.

  • Gretel met her husband after one of her performances, and they married in April 1987. Son Ezekiel (Zeke) was born two years later and daughter Epiphany (Eppie) was born in 1991. Gretel's marriage ended in 1993.

  • Gretel was a successful skit performer on various shows, including: The Midday Show.

  • Gretel's hobbies include sailing, skiing and snowboarding.

  • Gretel once co-owned a hotel, in which various local and international comedy acts performed.

  • Gretel left law school after six weeks to perform stand-up comedy.

  • Gretel attended an all girls school and was a school captain and member of the school debating team.

  • Gretel produced two UNICEF ads that screened on Australian television in 2007.

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