Hank Cheyne

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Ricardo Torres on Sunset Beach


8/13/1964, Santa Maria, California

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  • Hank Cheyne was born and raised in Santa Maria, California and he has two brothers. He is the youngest of three. Cheyne went to college at the Santa Clara University as a business major. He considered the idea of professional ball for a career, but instead entered the UCLA's School of Law, where he recieved his Juris Doctor degree. During his last year of law school, Hank met a modeling agent through a friend almost immediately became interested in the profession. Shortly afterward, Cheyne was approached by an acting coach. His first stint in acting was playing the role of Mr. Cross, a lawyer in the show Divorce Court. Shortly thereafter, Hank won the role of Pete on the Young and the Restless. Cheyne has been in many theatrical productions, such as the following: "American Life," "The Awful Truth," "The Roof," and others. He has also been in some feature films, such as "Bad Blood" and "Killing Obsession." He has had a recurring role on "One West Waikiki" and has had guest spots on shows such has "ER" and "Dark Justice." He also had a two year stint on Another World as Scott Love/LaSelle, for which he recieved a People's Choice nomination. Hank is married to his wife Missy, whom he met while playing Scott on Another World. They live in Ojai with their two dogs, Cody and Pozo.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Hank Cheyne Garcia



    Birth Place:

    Santa Maria, California

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    • Hank: (on what he'd do with $1 million) I'd pay off my house, get a full-time masseuse, and I'd buy my wife something very special. And not necessarily in that order!

    • Hank: (on why he got his law degree) I am not from a wealthy background. When I went to school, I went to play baseball. And I wanted to get an education. I knew I was going to have to support myself, and I had an opportunity to go to UCLA and study law. I knew when I got out of there, I would have a good job.

    • Hank: (on seeing himself on the big screen) There is nothing like it in the world. When you see yourself forty feet wide doing something that is kind of decent, that is, well... it's kind of fun.

    • Hank: Modeling is a void. You stand there and get your picture taken. You can be a good model, but what is it to be a good model? For me, it was great fun.

    • Hank: I had the advantage of having an education behind me when I began to model. A lot of people who get into modeling are seventeen or eighteen years old. It's such a fast paced life. They are in it for four or five years. College and that atmosphere just skips them right by.

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    • As a child Hank dreamed of becoming shortstop for the Mets or Angels.

    • Hank says that one of the reasons why he left law to go into acting full time was because he felt confined by all the hours he had to spend with law books. He says he's a far too physical person for "all that."

    • In 1999 Hank was nominated for a First American in the Arts Award in the category of "Best Actor." He won the award the very next year.

    • Hank's hobbies include baseball, fly fishing, golf, skiing, and playing pool.

    • Hank is one of the co-founders of The Tomcat Theater Company in Los Angeles.

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