Hannah Murray

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Gilly on Game of Thrones


7/1/1989, Bristol, England, UK

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  • Hannah Murray first made it onto the little screen as the anorexic character Cassie, in the popular Skins, which first aired in 2007.Hannah attended the North Bristol post 16 centre, where she studied German for two years and is now taking a year out from her studies.



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    Bristol, England, UK

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    • Hannah: (On her clothes in Skins) Wardrobe were very keen for me to use my own clothes, and I do wear a lot of my own things on the show. The thing is, I can't really wear those things any more because I don't want people to see me and think I'm still in costume! I wore a pair of white sunglasses once, but now I can't wear them because I look like a twat. It looks like I'm going out to be recognized and that's something I really don't want.

    • Hannah: (On attending the NME Awards) No one knew who I was. It was really embarrassing. Honestly, Skins is the first and only thing I've ever done and most people don't have a clue who I am. I knew who Jamie T was, the guy I was presenting to, and I quite like him. But I'm not an NMe kind of girl, I'm afraid. I kept having to ask everybody what they did.

    • Hannah: (About her character Cassie on Skins) Obviously she was already written. She was very clear and well-drawn. As soon as I read the script for the character she was just kind of there. All the writers were really great about talking to us about things, and if we wanted to have any suggestions or help to talk about how we felt about how our character would behave, they were really good and they were really open to ideas.

    • Hannah: (About the cast of Skins) We got on so well. They're all so important to me and so great and I think they're all wonderful, wonderful people. We were all put in a room together the first day we met each other and it just kind of worked and we got on really well all of a sudden. Doing this show for six months, being together so much, going through these different scenes and going through this experience together has made us even, even closer. We've got such a strong bond from that that I think it would have been impossible for us to not have become friends, really!

    • Hannah:(On how "Skins" compares to other show) I can understand people might make comparisons to something like The OC or Hollyoaks, but I think it's pretty different to either of those. I can't think of any shows I've watched about teenagers that has the same spirit that Skins has, the same honesty about it. I think they're all a lot more contrived and trying to deal with issues. Skins says 'this is what teenage life can be like', and doesn't say what you have to feel about it, whereas I think a lot of other teenage dramas are like a guidebook for what you should and shouldn't do. I think it's really nice that Skins doesn't deal with issues like that in a preachy way. I mean, it does, it touches on a lot of different things that are problems today, but it doesn't tell you, force it down your throat that you have to think this. It's not patronising, and I think a lot of other teenage dramas tend to be. I can't really think of anything that I've seen that really compares to this.

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    • Hannah will be taking a break from acting to study English at Cambridge University.

    • Hannah had two call backs before landing the role of Cassie on Skins.

    • Hannah joined the Youth theatre at the Bristol Old Vic when she was 11 and preformed in several plays with them.

    • As a child, Hannah was obsessed with JD Salinger and Bret Easton Ellis.

    • Hannah's parents are University lecturers.

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