Holly Robinson Peete

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  • Holly is ranked #81 in the "100 Hottest Brunettes of AIM".

  • Holly has been seen in the audience of Dancing with Stars supporting and cheering on Emmitt Smith (ex footballer).

  • Holly's, now husband Rodney, suprised her with a proposal on the set of Hangin' With Mr Cooper by Rodney.

  • Holly's past relationships included Wesley Snipes and Shaq.

  • In June 2005, Holly and Rodney renewed their Wedding vows after 10 years of marriage.

  • Holly speaks French fluently.

  • Some of Holly's favourite things: * Colour - Light Green * Food - Shrimp * Holiday Destination - Bali / Indonesia * Perfume (women's) Eau Dynamisante by Clarins, and Southern Exposure by Terry Ellis * Designer - Armani

  • Holly looks back on her Jump Street days with fondness, attributing this series to the begining of her career, she also keeps in contact with Dustin Nguyen, Peter DeLuise and Steven Williams from the show.

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