Hudson Leick

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Star on National Lampoon Presents: One, Two, Many


5/9/1969, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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    Heidi Hudson Leick



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    Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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    Heidi Leick

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    • Hudson: (on the decision to play up a sexual tension between Callisto and Xena) I love that - it makes it so much more exciting for me. Lucy will say, 'Okay, let's flirt.' That's what we do. It is just a big flirt. It's seduction, except it is life or death. It's exciting, it's fun.

    • Hudson: (on playing Callisto) I love being a villain.. It's like a little kid's dream. All of my demons balled up, screaming... I am a three-year-old throwing a fit, and everyone's saying, 'Yeah!'

    • Hudson: (on playing Callisto on "Xena") I try not to take any of this too seriously. How seriously can I take myself in a black leather metal-studded bikini with a giant sword in my hand?

    • Hudson: Aaron Spelling has been good to me, and I only say that because it's true, both with University Hospital and Melrose. But I have to say that I find no love on Melrose Place. I don't mind playing evil characters, but everybody's screwing everybody else's somebody on Melrose, and behind the scenes there's a lot of egos colliding. It made me feel uncomfortable and I could never be a part of that whole scene.

    • Hudson: (referring to her character on "Xena: Warrior Princess") There wouldn't be a scene with Callisto without the rocks.

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    • One of the biggest challenges for Hudson while working on Xena: Warrior Princess was when Xena and Callisto switched bodies in the episodes "Intimate Stranger", with Leick playing Xena, while Lucy Lawless played Callisto, and when Hudson played Xena in "Ten Little Warlords".

      "That was a lot of pressure because it is her show - she is the lead. The audience wants to see Lucy Lawless, not Hudson Leick, as Xena, and I was aware of that," Leick said in an interview. "It's not my character, not even my idea of what the character would be like - it's somebody else's portrayal of the character, so I have to copy that and stay true to that." Lucy and Hudson studied one another so that they could play each other's characters convincingly. "We followed each other around, we listened to each other. We would both say lines like how I would say it, like, "Xeeennna," and she would go, "Xeeennna." Discovering each other and trying to copy each other was a lot of fun." Doing it on camera, however, "was a completely different matter." Leick found it much easier to play Xena when her co-star was on the set during "Intimate Stranger" than when had to miss shooting due to her fractured hip for the episode "Ten Little Warlords". She says of her attempts to imitate Lawless' characterization of Xena, "I didn't have the freedom to do the things that I wanted to do; everything I was doing was very planned."

    • Hudson appeared as Callisto in six out of ten all-time classic Xena episodes, according to fan votes. The episodes were "Callisto", "Return of Callisto", "Maternal Instincts", "The Bitter Suite", "Sacrifice Pt 2", and "The Ides of March".

    • Hudson was asked to be extra careful not to make contact during her fight scenes with Lucy Lawless in the Xena episode "The Sacrifice Part 2" because Lucy was getting married soon and didn't want any bruises.

    • Hudson appeared in the Xena musical episode "The Bitter Suite", but her singing voice was dubbed by Broadway and film star Michelle Nicastro.

    • Hudson performed as Xena in Callisto's body during two episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess. Hudson playing Xena was done to cover for the lack of Lucy Lawless after her riding accident while taping the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on October 8, 1996. The first episode ("Intimate Stranger") originally had the two switching bodies back at the end, but was adapted to incorporate the body switch at the last minute. She continued playing Xena in the next episode, "Ten Little Warlords", without ever being in character as Callisto in the episode.

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