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  • (on what got him started on "Doctor Who" novelisations) Ian Marter: Tom Baker said to me one day, 'You obviously write well, what about writing some of the Who novelisations?'

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  • Before becoming a regular character during Tom Baker's stint as The Doctor, Ian had a minor role as a different character during Jon Pertwee's time as The Doctor.

  • Ian had planned on using Vincent Price as the villain in his proposed Doctor Who film.

  • Ian penned several movie novelisations including Splash, Baby, Tough Guys and Down and Out in Beverly Hills.

  • In 1985 Ian appeared in an episode of Bergerac with Louise Jameson, who had also been a Doctor Who assistant, Leela.

  • Ian's Doctor Who books are: * Doctor Who and the Ark in Space * Doctor Who and the Sontaran Experiment * Doctor Who and the Ribos Operation * Doctor Who and the Enemy of the World * Doctor Who - Earthshock * Doctor Who - The Dominators * Doctor Who - The Invasion * (The Companions of) Doctor Who - Harry Sullivan's War * Doctor Who - The Reign of Terror * Doctor Who - The Rescue

  • Ian's final regular story with Doctor Who was Terror of the Zygons.

  • Ian's first Doctor Who story as Harry Sullivan was in "Robot," just as Tom Baker started his run as the Doctor.

  • It was while working on the novelisation for The Rescue that Ian passed away. It was was completed by Nigel Robinson.

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