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  • Iman: (on her introduction to modeling) The first thing I thought was he wanted me for prostitution of naked pictures. I had never seen Vogue. I didn't read fashion magazines, I read Time and Newsweek.

  • Iman: (on her youth) I was a very nerdy child. I never fit in, so I became laboriously studious.

  • Iman: (on controlling her public image) I've always said that I was an accomplice to the Iman mythology, never a victim.

  • Iman: (on her make-up company's focus on women of color) I have a real sense of who the true woman of color is. She is not merely one ethnic group...she's African-American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American.

Trivia (22)

  • Iman was ranked #14 in Glamour's The 50 most glamorous women of '08.

  • While a student at the University of Nairobi, Iman worked as a translator to help pay her tuition costs.

  • Iman performs the role of one of the characters in the computer game Omikron - The Nomad Soul.

  • Iman has appeared on the cover of over twenty magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, Essence, and Vogue.

  • Fellow supermodel Naomi Campbell says that Iman inspired her to become a model.

  • Iman prefers vanilla to chocolate.

  • She has a cousin named Waris Dirie who is also a Somali supermodel as well as a UN advocat.

  • Iman is a citizen of the United States, as well as her native country Somalia.

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