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  • [On his Character J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man] J.K. Simmons: The more I read the comics books, I thought, "You gotta have the wig, and you gotta have the mustache." And this guy's always baring his big square teeth, so I got prosthetic teeth, too.

  • [On if he ever considered wearing a hair piece] J.K. Simmons: I was once counseled not to be seen without hair if I waned to be a leading man. So I had a piece made, and I wore it for a few auditions, but I could never bring myself to wear it in real life. I was never Brad Pitt movie-star handsome. I've always been a character actor waiting to happen.

  • [On what his wife thought of his character Verne Schillinger] J.K. Simmons: I would come home with my swastika tattoos because keeping them on saved twenty minutes in the makeup the next morning. I had a hard time pulling my head out of Oz, and she's said there were times when I wasn't the most fun guy to sleep with.

  • [On his role in The Closer] J.K. Simmons: For a 50-year-old bald guy to even be considered as a possibility of a romantic interest is kind of fun and different.

Trivia (24)

  • In 2015, J.K. won an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role playing Fletcher on Whiplash.

  • J.K. was a member of the Seattle Repertory Theatre.

  • J.K. made his New York City stage debut in the Off-Broadway musical Birds of Paradise in 1987, and then made his Broadway debut in the play A Change in the Heir in 1990.

  • J.K. made his feature film debut in The Ref.

  • J.K. narrated the book-on-tape Dreamland: Strike Zone, by Dale Brown.

  • J.K. has appeared in commercials for the following: Century 21,Saab, Budget Express, AMC, and The Discovery Channel.

  • J.K. was cast as the neo-Nazi Verne Schillinger in Oz due to a prior performance on Homicide: Life on the Street, where he also played a neo-Nazi.

  • J.K. is often cast in films directed by Sam Raimi.

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