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  • Jack Lord: (in a 1971 "Photoplay" interview, speaking of his siblings and father) Dad paid us a penny a line to learn poetry. I memorized hundreds and hundreds of poems, all of which proved useful later when I had to learn lines.

  • Jack Lord: (speaking to "Movie Life Magazine" in 1963) There is a terrible tendency to conform today. Its particularly sad because all the great men and women have had one thing in common - they dared to be different, dared to speak their minds, dared to espouse the unpopular cause.

  • Jack Lord: (telling an interviewer his view of the impact of "Hawaii Five-O" on Hawaii) Hawaii Five-O has given the people of this state a whole industry - the tourist industry - we never had before.

  • Jack Lord: (speaking of his relationship with his second wife Marie in 1972) I never realized that two people could really become one, but that's what's happened to us. Its just a very special relationship.

  • Jack Lord: ( discussing his reputation as a difficult personality) I can’t kiss a**. I say what’s on my mind.

  • Jack Lord: I love Hawaii. My wife and I really have a deep affection for this place.

Trivia (19)

  • Jack Lord had a clause in his contracts specifying that wherever a TV series or movie location took him there must be first-class accommodations for two. This was so he could keep his wife (Marie) close to him at all times.

  • Hawaii Five-O producer Leonard Freeman looked at Jack Lord as very much a perfectionist. Freeman once said, "Having a star like Jack is like having money in the bank. He's always on time; no bags under his eyes, and he's credibility casting. When he flashes that badge, people believe him." Prior to the Hawaii Five-O series, Jack Lord and Leonard Freeman had worked together on an unsold pilot called Grand Hotel.

  • Lord trained at the famous New York Actor's Studio with such future movie stars as Paul Newman, Marilyn Monroe, and Marlon Brando.

  • Jack Lord's first Broadway appearances included versions of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Traveling Lady.

  • Lord was a popular sensation in Hawaii - tour buses often ran by his home and he was constantly swamped for autographs. He so identified with the state and the series Hawaii Five-O that he owned a white Cadillac with personalized license plates that read "Five-O."

  • Elvis Presley formed a strong friendship with Jack Lord in 1973, inviting him to a show he was giving in Hawaii, visiting his home on more than one occasion, and personally asking him to be an honored guest at an opening performance in Las Vegas. Presley continued to keep in touch with Lord and his wife until his death in 1977.

  • Jack was considered as a candidate to play James Kirk in the second pilot episode of Star Trek. The possibility fell through when he wanted a financial and production stake in the series.

  • Jack Lord was twice-married. His first marriage to Ann Willard spanned five years and resulted in a child - a son named after him and that he saw only once (as an infant). His son died in a drowning accident at age 13. His second marriage, to Marie DeNarde, lasted from 1954 until his death in 1998. A former fashion designer, Marie DeNarde decorated both their 4,500 square foot condominium and Lord's mobile dressing room.

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