Jackie Coogan

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  • Jackie Coogan's star on the Hollywood Walk of fame is located at 1654 Vine Street and was awarded for his contributions in motion pictures.

  • Jackie Coogan is quoted as saying: "Other boys went to see Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth came to see me."

  • In 1923 Jackie Coogan was voted America's most popular movie actor.

  • During World War II, in addition to being a glider pilot, Coogan was responsible for the nylon tow ropes. These connect the gliders to the tow planes.

  • Jackie Coogan donated his WW II famous flight jacket to a museum in Palm Springs, CA.

  • Jackie Coogan grandson, Keith Coogan went into acting. Keith has guest starred in television shows such as: "The Waltons", "The Love Boat", "Fantasy Island", "Laverne and Shirley", and "CHiPs".

  • Jackie Coogan has a famous son. Anthony Coogan is a film and video writer and producer.

  • Jackie Coogan while enlisted in the U.S. Army was sent to India in December 1943. He was a Flight Officer. He flew British troops, the Chindits, under General Orde Wingate on March 5, 1944. He landed them at night in a small jungle clearing 100 miles behind Japanese lines in the Burma campaign.

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