James Arness

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  • Jim: I thought I would go back to school and really be serious and try to get a college degree. But when I did get home, I still found that I had this restlessness and I wasn't cut out to be a student.

  • Jim: We're the only TV series that has appeared in five consecutive decades.

  • James: What made us different from other westerns was the fact that Gunsmoke wasn't just action and a lot of shooting; they were character-study shows. They're interesting to watch all these years later.

  • James (On why 'Matt' never married 'Miss Kitty') : If they were man and wife, it would make a lot of difference. The people upstairs decided it was better to leave the show as it was, which I totally agreed with.

Trivia (13)

  • Because of James Arness' height, he was cast in the original scifi thriller as the Thing.

  • James received the International Broadcasting Award, and was named Man of the Year in 1973.

  • In 1987, James was made an Honorary Citizen of Tucson, Arizona.

  • James received a Purple Heart after being wounded in World War II.

  • James' Hollywood star is located near the corner of Hollywood & Vine across the street from Capital Records at 1751 Vine Street, Hollywood, CA.

  • James attended Beloit College.

  • James was a member of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity.

  • James' nickname is Jim.

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