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  • James Darren:To me, [Frank Sinatra] the best pop singer ever. There never was anybody and never will be anybody who can ever come close to him, as far as I’m concerned.

  • Darren's wife, Evy Norlund, is the former Miss Denmark of 1958.

  • Darren is the father of CNN anchorman Jim Moret.

  • James Darren is the godfather to A.J. Lambert, who is the daughter of Nancy Sinatra, and granddaughter of Frank Sinatra. Darren was a close friend of Sinatra and his family.

  • James Darren was a student of the acting Stella Adler.

  • Darren prefers acting to singing, but says that his voice is in the best shape it's even been.

  • About his role as Vic Fontaine on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:
    "I turned that down three times...I didn't want to play a singer, which I felt was too on the nose. But once I read it, I fell in love with it."

  • When asked about his time tunnel adventures, Darren said: "It would have been nice if we'd ended up on a farm eating breakfast."

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