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  • Jane Leeves: I'm the highest paid English actress ever, apparently.

  • Jane Leeves: They go “Daphne, we love her, she’s so sweet.” She’s a great calling card because she’s such a nice person and so likable that people relate to her and immediately embrace me.

  • Jane Leeves: I read for them one day, then Kelsey Grammer walked in and read with me the next day, and they said, 'Could you go outside for a second?' I went outside and then they opened the door and said, 'ladies and gentlemen, Daphne Moon.'

  • Jane Leeves: (talking about how she knows everything about her character, Daphne Moon) It’s true. I have quite an extensive background of her. In 1982 she was at beauty school. It hasn’t been talked about in the scripts, but I know she tried her hand at many things. For Daphne, its always been about talking care of people and helping them feel better. She has 8 brothers and comes from a working class background. The little house she grew up in was just like the one in My Left Foot, with four in a bed. She had to contribute to the running of the household by bringing home what she made and giving a bit for Mum.

  • Jane Leeves: It was a very small town in the middle of the country side. Everybody knew each other, you felt safe there, you didn’t have to lock doors.

  • Jane Leeves: I have a standard British accent and Daphne has a Mancunian accent, since she’s from Manchester. It’s like the difference between a traditional American accent and a southern accent. A Mancunian accent is more working class. I’m so used to slipping in and out of it but sometimes my accent has gotten us into trouble on the scripts because the words don’t come out the way the writers envisaged. For instance, I was supposed to tell a joke once that ended in the word Duck, but with the accent it didn’t sound funny so they changed it to elephant.

  • Jane Leeves: Makes us nervous but we have been assured by the wonderful writers that have left us that they would never leave us unless we were in good hands. And I know that we are. These are writers that are taking over that have been with us for while now.

  • Jane: I let my apartment in London go and I sold everything. I literally had $1000 and a suitcase when I got on the plane. The next day I enrolled in my first acting class. We had some great people, Jim Carrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Molly Ringwald. It was very inspirational.

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  • Jane and the cast of Frasier won the SAG Award for Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series in 2000. They were nominated a total of ten times, from 1995-2004.

  • Jane's measurements are 32-22-33.

  • Jane was nominated for a Golden Globe award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Series, Miniseries, or Motion Picture Made for Television during the year 1995.

  • On the show Frasier, Jane's character had gained weight and after her child was born, it was written into the show that Daphne lost a total of 9 pounds and 12 ounces. This was the weight of Jane's daughter, Isabella, when she was born.

  • By the end of Frasier, Jane had an Emmy Award nomination for her role as Daphne Moon, and she had also become the highest-paid British/English actress in all of Hollywood.

  • During 2001-2002, Jane was pregnant and the writers of Frasier had written for the show that her character, Daphne, had gained weight because of the stress from her relationship with Niles.

  • Her daughter, Isabella Kathryn Coben, was born in January 2001 on the 9th.

  • Jane is very good friends with Faith Ford. They met in an acting class and were room mates for six years (that Jane was in the country).

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