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  • Jasika Nicole: You know how in the South, double names are really popular. So when I was in college, my friend Larry and I were joking around and decided to start introducing ourselves to new people by our first and middle names only. Once I started working professionally in theatre, I registered my whole name, but Jasika Nicole Pruitt is a mouthful. So what started as a joke just kind of stuck.

  • Jasika Nicole: (answering 'Did you give great consideration to the thought of being out in your industry?') I will be totally honest with you and say that there really wasn't a decision that I made. I didn't feel like there was an alternative. I was completely unwilling to lie about who I was, or to try and hide who I was with. That was never something that I would even consider doing.

  • Jasika Nicole: (about her character on Fringe) I think Astrid is really riveted by Olivia Dunham [who is played by Anna Torv]. I think for any woman starting out in her career, Agent Dunham is an exceptional role model. On Fringe, she is juxtaposed with the doctor, who is also brilliant, but was in an institution. I imagine that Astrid is trying to learn the balance of going after what you want in your career without having it be your whole life.

  • Jasika Nicole: John [Noble] is the funniest guy. I thought he would be very serious, and I was intimidated when I first met him, and I'm pretty sure he made fun of me because, you know, he likes to keep the mood light. Seeing him work is fascinating; it's like taking a master class. I just like to sit back and watch how he processes information and take notes.

  • Jasika Nicole: I used to really hate being poor. Not as if anyone actually enjoyed being poor when they were young. But I think it's a little easier in some respects to be poor when you are surrounded by other poor people, because you're all in the same boat.

  • Jasika Nicole: (about not signing on with a publisher for her comic) They were like, 'You shouldn't talk about this,' or, 'This should be your angle,'. It's not about an angle. It's about my experience.

  • Jasika Nicole: The hardest part about being an actor is keeping motivated, since rejection is inevitably part of the business.

  • Jasika Nicole: I have such an adamant aversion to cheese that it's embarrassing. But since you asked, let me just take this time to redeem myself and say that my hatred of cheese is not 100%; I LOVE Doritos.

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  • Jasika has helped create a line of handbags that feature her original artwork on them.

  • Jasika has done commercials for the Home Depot and Carrabas Grill.

  • In fourth grade Jasika was in a school production of "Shapin' Up Santa", she played the villain Betty Body.

  • Jasika's partner is social worker Claire Savage.

  • Jasika is 5'2" (1.57m) tall, she has brown hair and eyes.

  • Jasika is a big fan of Courtney E. Martin book "Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters: The New Normalcy of Hating Your Body".

  • Jasika was named after her grandmother.

  • Jasika loves peanut butter.

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