Jason Gray-Stanford

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  • Jason Gray-Stanford (About Russell Crowe): I've worked with him twice now, and I've had an exquisite time both times. He's a private guy. He's a family guy. He loves his farm and his family and his friends.

  • Jason Gray-Stanford (About his character on “Monk”): If there is anything I would change about Randy, I would like to see him solve some more crimes and not be so far behind Monk. I’d like to see him catch up to Monk just a little bit.

  • Jason Gray-Stanford (About his character on “Monk”): I think Randy is loyal, ambitious, and eager. I think he often leaps before he looks which gets him into a little bit of trouble, but overall, I would say that Randy just wants to be a really great cop.

  • Jason Gray-Stanford (About “Monk”): We’re very lucky to have such a great crew and an awesome cast. I’m very lucky and very fortunate to work with a really good bunch of people. It’s a lot of laughs on the show.

  • Jason Gray-Stanford (About “Monk”): Monk as a show is most successful when all of the characters they there oddball moments mixed in with their serious moments.

  • Jason Gray-Stanford (About “Monk”): In any episode of the show, I love it when Randy is being a goofball one second, and kind of in the next scene, he’s being a really diligent cop.

  • Jason Gray-Stanford: I love watching films and I love watching other good actors. That is an avid passion of mine.

  • Jason Gray-Stanford: First and foremost I would like to say thank you, because without you guys, without the fans, without people who watch the show, without people who embrace me on the show as Leiutenant Randy Disher there would be no show.

Trivia (12)

  • Jason is left handed.

  • Jason was nominated for a Screen Actor's Guild Award for Best Cast in A Beautiful Mind.

  • Jason met and became friends with Russell Crowe while filming Mystery, Alaska. The two remain friends and have since worked on other projects together including the film A Beautiful Mind.

  • Jason dated actress Emmanuelle Vaugier for a while, and she even appeared on an episode of Monk alongside Jason.

  • Jason wanted to be a professional basketball player growing up, but he ended up going with acting.

  • Despite Jason being really funny, he would never do stand-up comedy because he thinks it’s the most courageous job ever.

  • Growing up, Jason loved TV and films. By the time high school started, he decided to combine the two and got really serious and decided to pursue acting then.

  • In addition to being a TV actor, Jason Gray-Stanford is a stage actor as well. He's appeared in a variety of stage productions across Canada.

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