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  • Jason: (on his basketball hero) Growing up, Magic Johnson was my idol. He was a good example. He could always pass the ball extremely well and get his teammates involved.

  • Jason: Fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run.

  • Jason: I've learned a lot at home and been able to take what I've learned at home to the court.

  • Jason Kidd: (on what the basketball court meant to him growing up) Safe haven. It was the place where I felt the most comfortable.

  • Jason Kidd: (on what advice he can give to aspiring NBA players) To dream, to work extremely hard. It just doesn't happen overnight. You have to be patient. Work extremely hard. Even if you get knocked down, or somebody says you can't do it, continue pushing forward.

  • Jason Kidd: (on the best piece of basketball advice he received) ...from my high school coach, to play hard. Any time you walk on the basketball court, to play as if it was your last game.

  • Jason: I try to anticipate exactly where my teammates are going to be. Sometimes I look good. Sometimes I look bad.

  • Jason: My job is not to scream and yell, my job is to cheer you and be positive. If you miss four shots, I'm still going to pass to you.

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  • After breaking his ankle in March 2000, Jason was challenged by Joumana. She dared him to color his hair. Jason dyed his hair blonde and spent the rest of the season with his hair in that color.

  • Jason's first sport was soccer. It was only when he was in third grade that he started taking an interest in basketball.

  • Jason has two younger sisters, Denise and Kim.

  • While Jason was still playing with the Phoenix Suns, the Jason Kidd Burger was introduced by McDonald's restaurants in the Phoenix area. The burger introduced in the spring of 2000, was made up of three all-beef patties and two slices of cheese.

  • In the 2006-2007 season, Kidd averaged 9.2 assists per game while playing for the New Jersey Nets.

  • In the offseason, Jason Kidd plays golf often. Jason's handicap is reportedly in the single digits.

  • Jason ranks third all-time for triple-doubles made in regular seasons. He has made a total of 99 triple-doubles in his career, as of March 2008.

  • Jason Kidd got the most number of votes among Western Conference guards for the 2000 All-Star Game. During the game, he scored 11 points and had a game-high 14 assists. jason's The All-Star Game was held in San Francisco, Jason's hometown.

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