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8/1/1979, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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  • Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa moved with his mother to Iowa where he was raised. His origin is Hawaiian on his fathers side, and German/Irish on his mothers side. His uncle is the surfer Brian Kaulana. He returned to Hawaii to attend college, as he was curious about his Hawaiian roots.

    Jason Planned on being a marine biologist, but now he wouldn't choose any career over acting. He started out as a model, spotted by the prestigious international designer, Takeo while in college. In 1999, he won Hawaii's Model of the Year and hosted the Miss Teen Hawaii USA contest. In 1999 he also participated in the Governor's Fashion Show, and walked the runway for Louis Vuitton.

    His modeling lead to acting, as he got his first role as a series regular on the series Baywatch Hawaii. He also starred in the FOX special Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding and the television movie Tempted. He's also appeared in the movie Johnson Family Vacation. Jason's hopes for the future Professionally is to be doing feature films and to do theater work like Shakespeare. He's on the cast list of the series North Shore At the moment Jason is starring in Stargate Atlantis.

    After a year on the show Baywatch Hawaii, he went on a journey to Tibet. This trip the Buddhist studying Jason describes as "my best life experience". He's also been to France where he's climbed Fountain Bleu. He's also into arts, and while in Paris visiting his mother he also did some pastel painting. Jason is supporting many charities and community groups. He's been working for the Hawaii Food Bank campaign and has spoken to students at various schools. Jason believes he is blessed by strong family values and enjoys sharing his experiences, especially with the youth of today.

    His spare time is spent on rock and ice climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, long board skateboarding and roller hockey. He also spends his free time on Buddhist studies.moreless

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    Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa



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    Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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    • Jason Momoa: (about the episode "Broken Ties") It's awesome! It's probably the best episode - the hardest thing as an actor to do. Because even though not a lot is scripted, for Ronon there's not a lot of dialogue. It's his looks and a lot of pain that he goes through. Just a lot of pain.

    • Jason Momoa: (about being in shape for "Stargate Atlantis") Before the season starts, what I try to do is climb, get in shape, and ride a bike. Once we start rolling, everything dissipates so by the end of the year, I am all ugggh. Until they come in and say, "Ummm, you are supposed to be the bulk of the show!" - then I would go to the gym…It is a good thing I don't have to take my shirt off. I am so excited to wear clothes. I hate taking my shirt off!

    • Jason Momoa: (about his wig for his character Ronon) You think I can't play this character without the hair? But it's fine for this season. Ok, I'll do it. It cost them $10,000 for this wig. I'll wear it. As long as nothing medically happens with my neck.

    • Jason Momoa: (about if he has any traits in common with his character Ronon) Not too many, Ronon is primal; we only share the hair.

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    • Jason Momoa's dream car is a 1978 Land Cruiser.

    • Jason Momoa's nickname on Stargate Atlantis is Chewbacca.

    • Currently, 2008, Jason Momoa has exhibited his work in two art shows, one in Hawaii and one in Australia.

    • Jason Momoa moved to Australia in 2003 to work on his art.

    • Jason Momoa had his dreadlocks cut off after filming Stargate Atlantis because their weight caused him headaches and whiplash.

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