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1/22/1965, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania

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  • Jeff Townes is wildly known in many things. In his acting career, Jazz from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. In music, with his partner Will Smith, he's known as DJ Jazzy Jeff. Together, they were: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Born in Philadelphia, he is an American hip hop DJ/turntablist and hip hop/R&B record producer. Jeff actually learned how to scratch in the age of ten, for he already was DJ for parties in his youth. He would perform in the basement of his home to practise his musical talent. He had already had heard of Will Smith before in his youth, for they have met from time to time. On how Jeff started his music career with Will was in 1986, when they were both in a house party and after their competition of Battle of the Bands at a New Music Seminar, they received a recording contract. After then, their first single," Girls Ain't nothing but Trouble", appeared and became a hit. From then on, Will and Jeff got platinum hits for most of their albums and singles. They both got the first rap Grammy in 1989 in the category of rap. Also, for their song "Summertime", they got a second Grammy in 1991. When the duo broke up in after their last album ("Code Red"), he went on his own to pursue his own dreams, like Will did too. He became prominent R&B, soul, and neo soul record producer. He made a production company, A Touch of Jazz, in Philadalphia. He had helped many people in their music career like Jill Scott. Today, the company is still running. Even today, Jeff Townes still works with Will Smith. He has done scratches on various of Will Smith's songs like Pump Ya Breaks from the album Lost & Found. He has been features in a few of Will Smith's songs like Willenium's Potnas. Also, he even helped produce Will's starting song Here He Comes for his latest album. He was credited for making the famous "Transformer" scratch.moreless



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    Jeffrey A. Townes, D.J. Jazzy Jeff, Jazzy Jeff, Jazzy Jeff Townes, DJ Jazzy Jeff

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    • Jeff Townes: I worked with 2,000 crews before I found this maniac (Will Smith). There was a click when I worked with him that was missing before.

    • Jeff: We (DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince) don't care if the audience is black or white, inner city or suburban, as long as they show up and are having a good time.

    • Jeff: We're not from the suburbs, so we don't pretend to know what growing up there is like. But there are certain experiences or feelings that everyone has in common.

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    • In a recent rumor, it has been belived that Jazzy Jeff is gonna write songs with Will Smith today, for it belived that it is gonna be a return of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince.

    • Jeff has done an exclusive song that is featured in his MySpace profile that is called "MySpace Groove".

    • Wildly known as Will's street-smart friend Jazz in the show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

    • Jeff Townes did a remix of the song "Feel It" by the Black Eyed Peas and is on their album "Renegotiations: The Remixes". The title of the song is Feel It (Jazzy Jeff Soulful Remix).

    • Jazzy Jeff is the first corporately-sponsored DJ and designer of the first mixer to be made specifically for the scratch DJ, the modern classic, Gemini 2200, or the Jazzy Jeff Signature series.

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