Jennifer Carpenter

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Debra Morgan on Dexter


12/7/1979, Louisville, Kentucky

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  • Jennifer Carpenter was born on December 7, 1979 in Louisville, Kentucky. As a child, she went to St. Raphael Elementary School and then on to Sacred Heart Academy in Louisville.

    Jennifer trained at the Walden Theater Conservatory and studied acting at the Juilliard School in New York City. She was then cast in the Broadway revival of The Crucible in 2002, opposite Liam Neeson and Laura Linney, with whom she later appeared in The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

    She is perhaps best known for playing the title role in The Exorcism of Emily Rose and for her role as Debra Morgan onDexter.

    Jennifer married her Dexter co-star Michael C. Hall on New Year's Eve 2008. They separated in early 2010 and filed for divorce later that year.

    The movies she has been in are Quarantine (2008), Battle in Seattle (2007), Beyond the Ashes (previously known as Ash Tuesday) (2003), D.E.B.S. (2004), White Chicks (2004), Grayson Arms (previously known as Lethal Eviction) (2005) and The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005).moreless

    Birth Name:

    Jennifer Leann Carpenter



    Birth Place:

    Louisville, Kentucky

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    • Jennifer: One of the things I've started doing lately is tracking my dreams. I feel like there's a lot of information there and you can really bring those emotions to the situations that may feel mundane or familiar. That gives them new life and gives you a new relationship with it - if that makes any sort of sense.

    • [On why she wanted to play Emily Rose] Jennifer Carpenter: I wanted to play this role because I thought the story was so incredible and so fascinating that it's almost unbelievable, which is exactly why I wanted to help tell it. I liked the idea that Scott Derrickson wasn't thinking of using a lot of special effects, which was sort of a brave call nowadays. And I liked the idea of being invited to make something new, something that hadn't been made before.

    • [On if she believes in demons] Jennifer Carpenter: I believe in possibility, but I'm not sure I believe in demons. I was trying to like downgrade that word to superstition. "Am I superstitious?" And I realized, "No, but maybe it's superstition, maybe it's OCD." They might be closer than you think. Like when I pick a book off a shelf, I'll look at all of them. They're the exact same book with the exact same words inside, but I'll think that one is meant to go home with me. Now I sound crazy. [laughs] And I'll never pick the first thing up off a shelf, it has to be the one behind.

    • [On her character from Dexter] Jennifer Carpenter: I get that she’s a fighter for what she believes in, like her destiny is always on the horizon and she’s chasing it with all her might. She doesn’t always have the vocabulary to say what she means, which is why she has a bad mouth. But her heart is in the right place.

    • [On living in Los Angeles] Jennifer Carpenter: When I first got to L.A., I was stretching $20 a week, waiting tables, and I did that for about six months. I didn’t mind it at all, I was really happy for that experience, but it made me really get aggressive about what I want. I’ve been doing this since I was eight, and never considered doing anything else, so I really had to kick it into gear.

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    • As of 2008, Jennifer is dating her Dexter co-star Michael C. Hall

    • Jennifer knew she wanted to act when she was only eight years old.

    • Jennifer performed in the play A Midsummer Night's Dream when she was in grade school.

    • Jennifer frequently went shooting with her father while growing up.

    • Jennifer attended Sacred Heart Academy.

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