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  • Jennifer: I grew up in a family that did not talk about beauty at all. We all had straight plain hair. We didn't have our ears pierced. We didn't wear makeup. We were very conservative. And I still feel that way. I still don't wear makeup. I still wear my hair plain. And, while I do have pierced ears now, I don't wear earrings very often. Anyway, I want my kids to know that they're pretty on the inside, to really feel pretty. Because I think it's important for woman to have ownership of their own beauty, no matter what they hear, read, are told.

  • Jennifer: (On how her daughter Violet doesn't understand the concept of maiden, married and professional names) 'Why don't people know that you're Jennifer Affleck?' She says that to me all the time. She did have a moment though where she was like, You're Jennifer Affleck - why do people call you Jennifer Garner?

  • Jennifer: I'm a huge fan and avid supporter of my local Farmers Market. Showing kids how foods go from farm to table is an important first step in creating healthy eating habits.

  • Jennifer: I'm sure that everyone else there must have thought it was all some big set-up and that I was in on the trick, but I really wasn't. I was genuinely surprised when he asked if I'd get up and join him on stage, and I was a bit reluctant at first, because I was a bit worried about what people would think. And I thought I'd just be helping out with a card trick or something like that, so I was really shocked when he said he was going to saw me in half! I've no idea how he did it - All I know is that I didn't feel a thing, but the saw definitely started out above me and ended up beneath me, and I could hear and feel the vibration as it cut through the wood in the frame he put around my waist.

  • Jennifer: I do think that it's important for yourself every now and then to put on some makeup, blow out your hair, put in some nice earrings, and get dressed up just for the heck of it and walk around as a reminder that you're as beautiful to yourself as you are to your kids.

  • Jennifer: You see pictures and you see this harried woman in jeans and sneakers, running around and just lucky if I get a shower, but it's pretty much the same as every other mom out there. You know, I can't dress up every day, it's just not in my nature. Even if I own the clothes, which by the way I do, I look at them and think 'I can't be a mom in those clothes,' they just don't suit me.

  • Jennifer: No matter what, it is very tricky and difficult just to be a good parent at all. I have a lot of help. And for that I'm very grateful

  • Jennifer: (On working with Russell Brand on the remake of 'Arthur') No one but Russell Brand could have remade this movie. He's the reason we all did it. I absolutely fell for him while I was working with him.

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  • In August 2011, after quite a bit of media speculation on the subject, Jennifer and Ben confirmed that Jennifer was expecting the couple's third child, due in early 2012.

  • To celebrate the birth of each of their children, Ben gives Jennifer some jewelry from her favorite jeweller, Neil Lane. Following the birth of Violet in 2005, he gave her a platinum and diamond full eternity ring. After the birth of Seraphina in 2009, and as Jennifer had just had her ears re-pierced, he gave her a pair of platinum and diamond stud earrings.

  • On July 29th, 2010, Jennifer took her daughters, Violet and Seraphina, to see a magic show in Santa Monica, CA. While there, Jennifer was picked out of the audience, invited up on stage and sawed in half by the magician in a trick called the "bow saw".

  • For the first nine months that Jennifer lived in New York, she couldn't afford a place of her own and paid a woman $400 a month to let her sleep on a futon in her kitchen. At the time, she was only making $150 per week as an understudy in a Broadway production of A Month in the Country.

  • Because Jennifer currently doesn't wear pierced earrings very often, the holes in her earlobes can be quite difficult to see and it sometimes looks like her ears are not pierced. If she hasn't worn pierced earrings for a while, the hole in her left earlobe almost completely disappears, while the one in her right lobe is a bit more visible.

  • On the very first night of shooting 13 Going On 30, Jennifer treated the cast and crew to pizza, and personally handed out slices to everyone on the set.

  • For several weeks while filming Daredevil, Jennifer worked seven day weeks, spending Monday to Friday in Los Angeles filming Alias, and then flying to New York at weekends to shoot her scenes for Daredevil.

  • Her pets include a dog named Martha Stewart, and several cats, one of which is named Wesley - The names of the other cats are not known.

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