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  • Jennifer Jason Leigh: I just don't plan things. I live a month at a time.

  • Jennifer Jason Leigh: Writing, producing and directing, I must say, is incredibly satisfying and gratifying. I've never been happier.

  • Jennifer Jason Leigh: I'd much rather be in a movie that people have really strong feelings about than one that makes a hundred million dollars but you can't remember because it's just like all the others.

  • Jennifer Jason Leigh: People can have so many ill-conceived ideas about me based on the parts that I play. I've had guys, when I've been single, come out of the woodwork to date me and I've found out very quickly that they were expecting some kind of whirlwind, some dramatic crazy person - and that's just not me.

  • Jennifer Jason Leigh: I love being in therapy. It's just constantly fulfilling for me.

  • Jennifer Jason Leigh: I used to hang out by the food table at parties because you don't have to talk to anybody. If you do then you can talk about the food.

  • Jennifer Jason Leigh: Your best friend is the only one who would tell you the person you are in love with is a sexually ambivalent man-child.

  • Jennifer Jason Leigh: I think I live in this mythical world where doing the parts I do is not going to hurt me, and telling people my age is not going to hurt me. And it actually does. It's a bit sick-making but, you know, I can't change who I am.

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  • Jennifer was approached to play the role of Libby on Lost but declined the offer.

  • Jennifer was originally cast for Eyes Wide Shut (1999), but as the shoot took over a year, Leigh left to fulfill other obligations and Marie Richardson took her place.

  • Jennifer and her family attended a private screening of The Blackboard Jungle (1955) the night after her father's death.

  • Jennifer's astrological sign is Aquarius.

  • Jennifer's favorite place to eat is Lucy's El Adobe Cafe at 5536 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA. Jennifer says, "I like the food, and it's dark, and they've got booze."

  • Jennifer's first on-screen (though uncredited) appearance was as a little girl bouncing a rubber ball in the West German film Tod Eines Fremden (Death Of A Stranger) (1973). Family friend Jason Robards appeared in the same film as well.

  • Jennifer was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Drama for Mrs. Parker And The Vicious Circle (1995).

  • Jennifer starred in two movies back-to-back with fellow actor Rutger Hauer, in Flesh And Blood (1985) and The Hitcher (1986).

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