Jenny Wade

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Rachel on Wedding Band


10/6/1980, Eugene, Oregon, USA

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  • Known to television fans as the sultry and quirky demon Nina on the CW comedy Reaper, Jenny Wade has come a long way from her early days in Los Angeles trying to find an acting job and even her own apartment. A native of Eugene, Oregon, Jenny moved to LA when she was 18 and slept in her U-Haul for a week until she found herself a place to stay. For two years, she took on odd jobs before landing a role in the 10-minute film Tumble opposite Aaron Eckhart and in Nurse Betty, starring Renée Zellweger, soon after. Born at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Eugene, Oregon, Wade grew up to be a "painfully shy" girl who found an outlet in her high school's theater program. Jenny appeared as an extra in Once Upon a Mattress when she was a freshman. Determined to make it in Hollywood after high school and a couple of terms in college, she supported herself by working in an extras casting agency, a bookstore, and a dentist's office. In 2005, Jenny was able to quit those jobs and focus on acting as she got small roles in numerous movies including Monster-in-Law, Red Eye, The Ice Harvest, Rumor Has It, and Project Greenlight's Feast. She reprised her role as Honey Pie for the video releases of Feast II: Sloppy Seconds (2008) and Feast 3: The Happy Finish (2009). Her other appearances included parts in Love is the Drug, No Reservations (2007), and Cute Couple (2008). Jenny also guest-starred in Pushing Daisies and CSI: NY in 2007 before winning the role of Nina on Reaper in 2009.moreless

    Birth Name:

    Jennifer Wade



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    Eugene, Oregon, USA

    Also Known As

    Jenny J. Wade

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    • Jenny: (in a 2008 interview) I'm kind of the girl that has really big parts in small movies and really small parts in big movies, and I'm kind of waiting for that tide to turn over, so I can be the girl with the big part in the big movie.

    • Jenny: I was in every play throughout high school and was a major drama nerd. That's just where I fit in. There was nothing like performing for me.

    • Jenny: (on her ideal horror character) Feel free to be disappointed in me when I tell you that I don't have a very active horror imagination. In fact all I can think about most of the time are bunnies, lollipops, rainbows, Velveeta, and Xanax.

    • Jenny: I'm no Paris Hilton, but I do enjoy my pink on occasion. I'm not so much the browns, black, and gray family.

    • Jenny: I don't think I've ever seen a horror movie without my trusty eye shield (fingers over peepers). That makes me a dork, I realize. A bona fide lame ass. Also, I tend to make funny sounds when I'm scared, which means in order to avoid humiliation, I would have to watch alone. And that ain't happenin', my friend.

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    • Film, Video, and TV Movie Credits: • Brothers (2009) as Tina • The Strip (2009) as Melissa • Feast 3: The Happy Finish (2009) (V) as Honey Pie • Feast II: Sloppy Seconds (2008) (V) as Honey Pie • Cute Couple (2008) as Tammy • Love Is the Drug (2006) as Erin Sutherland • Naked Hotel (2003) (TV) • Tumble (2000) as Girl

    • Together with actors Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner among others, Jenny supported Project Phin, an environmental campaign lobbying congress to improve their energy policy and urging oil companies to invest in alternative, earth-friendly fuel production.

    • When she was 14 years old, Jenny made her screen debut in a 1994 episode of the ABC/CBS sitcom Step By Step.

    • Among the music videos Jenny has appeared in are Breaking Point's "One of a Kind" (2002), Metallica's "The Unnamed Feeling" (2003), Jennifer Lopez's "Play" (2001), and Christina Aguilera's "What A Girl Wants" (1999).

    • When Jenny was a child, one of the movies which really scared her was The Never Ending Story.

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