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  • Jeremy Brett: To everyone who has worked on these films of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories in the past decade, only one can express how I feel: Bravo! Holmes has finally given me recognition as a real actor, not just an aging pretty face.

  • Jeremy Brett: (On Sherlock Holmes) I no longer feel threatened by Holmes, in fact I really enjoy playing him. Holmes is an upholder of the law, and he has a magnetism and mental genius that have been compulsive for people throughout the last hundred years. I was astounded when I realised how attractive he is to them (women). You'd never suspect it for one moment from the books. Girls long to seduce him.

  • Jeremy Brett: Onward and upward. (His personal motto).

  • Jeremy Brett: I would love to do some comedy. To make people laugh is the greatest gift of all.

  • Jeremy Brett (After his breakdown): Don't be too brave. Bravery is a fine thing on some occasions, but sometimes it can be quite a dangerous thing. The stiff upper lip is not always the best.

  • Jeremy Brett (on his wife, Joan Wilson): We had a once-in-a-lifetime love. She was an incredible person, the best wife a man could have. This was the kind of relationship where I would start a sentence and she would finish it. Sometimes you can see behind somebody's eyes and feel as if you have known them all your life. That's how it was.

  • Jeremy Brett (on working with Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, 1964): Audrey really is a darling. There's something wonderful about her that no man can explain, but every man can feel.

  • Jeremy Brett (On Mad Dogs and Englishmen, 1995): I was mad to do it, but I wanted to show the world that I was still alive and I could do other things apart from Sherlock Holmes. I hope they don't release it.

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  • Jeremy's Broadway plays include the following Shakespeare plays in 1956-1957: King Richard II, as Duke of Aumerle, Romeo and Juliet, as Paris, Macbeth, as Malcolm, and Troilus and Cressida, as Troilus. He has also appeared on Broadway in The Deputy, as Father Riccardo Fontant (1964) and in Aren't We All? as the Hon. William Tathum (1985).

  • Jeremy's cousin is actor Martin Clunes (Men Behaving Badly, Doc Martin).

  • Jeremy Brett was cremated after his death.

  • Jeremy's brother John is a minister. John spoke at Jeremy's memorial service on November 29, 1995.

  • Jeremy Brett had three older brothers: John, Patrick and Michael.

  • Jeremy Brett's second wife was American Public Television Producer Joan Wilson. They married in 1977, she died in 1985. No children from the marriage, but Joan had two children from a previous union. Their names: Caleb and Rebekah.

  • Jeremy also enjoyed singing and playing the piano, and most types of music.

  • Jeremy deeply loved dogs and horses.

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