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  • Jesse (Talks about his character, Richie Velch): very complex. You meet him at a very desperate time of his life. I'm so happy that the writers were brave enough to write a character who's so sad. It's not the easiest route (for a sitcom).

  • Jesse (Talks about how does it feel to be doing his first solo show in The SantaLand Diaries): Well, let me tell you, it's stressful. It's all on my shoulders and I've never had that happen, but it's really exciting. I've never had to carry a whole performance piece. It's actually been really exhausting ... three hours into the rehearsal process, I'm tired of hearing my voice. There are lots of words. Lots of memorization. It's definitely a challenge. But it's really been a good experience so far. I've been a fan of David Sedaris since "Barrel Fever" came out ... he hands it to you on a silver platter. You really don't have to do much with it except say it.

  • Jesse (Who does he would like to meet): Good people. Artistic minds. People who will inspire me.... and Ashton Kutcher.

  • Jesse (Talks about if Lina from The Class is going to walk by the end of the first season): God willing. Her casts do get smaller, and she moves on to boot-like casts. Oh, and I have another run-in with my ex-wife, which is highly dramatic.

  • Jesse (Talks about what's ahead for The Class Richie): There's a great episode coming up that deals with how he and Lina are going to move forward with their relationship and her state of being in a wheelchair. (Laughs) It's ripe for comic fodder.

  • Jesse (Talks about what has been his most enjoyable stage experience so far, and/or the most rewarding one's): That was definitely the most rewarding one, just because I created that character super-geeky word master Leaf Coneybear from the ground up, and it's so rare that you are given that opportunity. I mean, we created it all through improv, so many aspects of what he ended up being were things that came right out of my head. To see it now go on to other touring productions, to see me replaced on Broadway now while I'm doing The Class, to see other people re-create what I created has been very satisfying.

  • Jesse (Talks about his own sitcom or comedy inspirations): I'm a huge fan of basically the whole cast of The Office. I love that underplayed comedy. Steve Carell, especially looking at his films, is so versatile and really can play so many different emotions. I look up to him a lot. And I loved, obviously, Matthew Perry on Friends. He's hilarious. And I'm a big fan of Jason Alexander.

  • Jesse (Talks about why Richie's middle name is "Britney" on The Class): I have no idea. That came as a shock to me as much as it did to everyone else! (Laughs)

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  • Jesse has a guest appearance in Ugly Betty's episode Icing on the Cake as Dr. Farkas.

  • Jesse did the following Off-Broadway Shows: - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare directed By Jeremy Dobrish in 2002 as Jesse. - newyorkers MTC Directed By Christopher Ashley in 2001 as Jesse. - Hair City Center Encores! Directed By Kathleen Marshal in 2001 as Margret Meade. - The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told Directed By Christopher Ashley in 1999 as Adam. - Little Fish Directed By Graciela Daniele in 2003 as Marco.

  • Jesse recorded in 2003 Put A Little Love in Your Mouth: Amanda Green And Friends GreenPiece Music - Recorded Live at Joes Pub and Second Stage.

  • Jesse originated the role of Leaf Coneybear in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

  • In February 2003 Jesse played Marco in Little Fish musical by Michael John LaChiusa, suggested by stories by Deborah Eisenberg at the Second Stage Theater, New York City.

  • He appeared in the independent films "Ordinary Sinner" and "Griffin and the Phoenix."

  • He appeared in the feature film "Mercury in Retrograde."

  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson's television credits include roles in the British series "Absolutely Fabulous" and the movie "Sally Hemings: An American Scandal."

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