Jessica Straus

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Trivia (22)

  • Jessica voices three characters in the game Klonoa: Pamela, the old Chieftess, and Lephise.

  • On the English version of the Japanese TV series Mahô shôjo neko Taruto (Magical Meow Meow Taruto), she voices Taruto.

  • In the movie Lords of Everquest Jessica does additional voices.

  • She voices Tsume Inuzuka, (Kiba's mom), on Naruto

  • In the English version of the game Grandia III she voices Dahna and Additional Voices.

  • In the game Beat Down Jessica voices Gina, Tracy and Additional Gang Members.

  • In the game Urban Reign she voices Shun Ying Lee.

  • In the game Biohazard Outbreak: File #2 she voices Alyssa.

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