Jessica Stroup

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Max Hardy on The Following


10/23/1986, Anderson, South Carolina, USA

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  • During her younger years, Jessica moved back and forth between North and South Carolina. She earned a scholarship to University of Georgia, but moved out to Los Angeles instead since she always wanted to be an actress. At one point she thought about moving out to New York because of some of the modeling she was doing. She moved out to Los Angeles California when she was 17 years old. After doing some commercial work, Jessica soon appeared on television with guest appearances on shows like Unfabulous, Zoey 101, and Grey's Anatomy. In 2007, Stroup landed a recurring role as Cady Hansen, the Devil's daughter, on the CW comedy Reaper before she was cast as Silver on the CW teen series revival 90210. Besides her work on TV, Jessica has been known for her roles in several horror and suspense-thriller films such as Left in Darkness, The Hills Have Eyes II, Prom Night, and Homecoming. Jessica resides in Los Angeles, California where she continues with her work both in film and on television.moreless

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    Jessica Stroup



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    Anderson, South Carolina, USA

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    • Jessica: (On music) One of my favorite things about Los Angeles is the music scene. There are so many venues you can check out a great band on any night of the week. The Greek Theatre is definitely a favorite of mine because it's up in the hills and set apart from the bustling Hollywood streets. They have stadium seating outside with huge screens so the group in the back row can still feel like they're a part of the show.

    • Jessica: (On eating organic) There is a huge organic movement right now(September 2008) and I love it. I try to show my mom and dad that this is my lifestyle right now and my mom shops organic sometimes. But, you have to find what works for you.

    • Jessica (On staying fit and eating right) Right now (September 2008), my goal is actually to put on a little bit of weight. But, when a work schedule gets crazy and I am an absolute workaholic who loves to work out and get energy from it that when I don't get to work out I feel frail and especially coming from a sports background where my body is naturally muscular. So, when I don't get to work out then I miss it, I want that lean muscle mass and I want to get it back.

    • Jessica: (On the advice she would give to someone who wants to be like her) Know that there is no limit to how high you can travel and how high you can go with whatever you want to do. If you are living in a small town, you have a huge family and you feel like you are one of many then know who you are and set yourself apart. Don't ever be pushed back by someone who doesn't believe in you, believe in yourself. That is all that matters. Just get out there and get the knowledge for the career, for the choices that you want because you can never learn enough. That's the beauty of life, its changing and learning more about how the world works and how people work and if you know that then know that there is no end to what you can do.

    • Jessica: (On what style means to her) To me, being stylish or style in general is about confidence. If what you are wearing, if it fits on you and if it makes you feel like a women. Every day when I get up and get ready, I ask myself who do I want to be today?

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    • Before filming each scene on 90210, Jessica and co-star, Tristan Wilds, perform a handshake they made up together.

    • When Jessica was 15 she worked at the store Hollister.

    • Jessica is a fan of the shows Gossip Girl and Top Chef. She likes to listen to the bands Sigur Ros, Iron and Whine, and The Swell Season.

    • Jessica originally auditioned for the role of Annie in 90210, but believes she wasn't Midwestern enough. Jessica was driving home from the grocery store when she found out she got the part of Silver. She was so excited that she almost got pulled over.

    • Jessica dyed her hair blonde for her role in The Hills Have Eyes II.

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