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  • Jimmy: If I could have one super power, it would be the ability to read.

  • Jimmy: Congratulations to Charlie Sheen, who's marrying his longtime girlfriend. I have to say... Charlie Sheen has a longtime girlfriend?

  • Jimmy: I don't want to ruin it for you - but at the end, Voldemort kills Harry with a fairly vivious atomic wedgie.

  • Jimmy: Former baseball star Jose Canseco has a new book out. It’s a tell-all autobiography in which he claims he injected his former teammate, superstar Mark McGwire, with steroids. He also claims that President Bush, who was then a co-owner of the Texas Rangers, was aware of steroid use among players. A White House spokesperson says Bush was not aware of it, nor was he aware of most anything during the early '90s. Mark McGwire vehemently denies the accusation – he got so angry when he heard about it, he picked up his house and threw it onto the freeway.

  • Jimmy: The president jumped on a plane to start a five-week vacation. This will be the longest presidential vacation in 36 years. This means President Bush has now been on vacation for 27% of his presidency. That means the country could be 27% more screwed up than it already is.

  • Jimmy: Hurricane Katrina has been particularly hard on President Bush, who was forced to end his vacation two days early. He was supposed to be clearing brush in Texas until Friday. Now he's going to get back to the White House tomorrow. You know, if he doesn't use his vacation days, he loses them, so this is hard on everybody.

  • Jimmy: Our president isn't exactly getting high marks for his handling of the catastrophe. People don't seem to realize, yes the hurricane (Katrina) has been devastating to the people who live in that area, but it has also ruined the last three days of his vacation. He has suffered too.

  • Jimmy: President Bush believes Rafael Palmeiro. He said he considers Palmeiro a friend and tests or no tests, he believes him. Maybe Rafael Palmeiro is the one who told him there were weapons of mass destruction.

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Trivia (32)

  • Jimmy hosted the ABC seven-episode game show "Set For Life," which premiered in July 2007.

  • In June 2007, it was revealed that Jimmy, along with Johnny Knoxville and radio personality Adam Carolla, was being sued by an actor claiming he remained unpaid for work he performed in the movie Windy City Heat in 2003.

  • Jimmy hosted the 2007 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles, which aired on July 15, alongside co-host LeBron James.

  • Jimmy was nominated in 2001 for a Daytime Emmy in the category "Outstanding Game Show Host."

  • Jimmy was the host of the The 32nd and 33rd Annual American Music Awards.

  • Jimmy worked on Fox NFL Sunday from 2000 to 2003.

  • In 1999, Jimmy won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host in his work on Win Ben Stein's Money.

  • Along with Adam Carolla, he created and produced the animated series "Crank Yankers" on Comedy Central.

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