Jimmy Wlcek

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Jack Gibson (1989-1990) on One Life to Live


2/22/1964, New York, New York

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  • James Wlcek, also known as Jimmy Wlcek, was born in New York and grew up in New York and New Jersey. He began his acting career in 1986 in an episode of Tales from the Darkside. In 1987 he auditioned for a part on All My Children, however he did not get the part because he wasn't old enough. His audition tape was sent to the folks at Ryan's Hope, and that's how he landed the role of 'Ben Shelby'. Jimmy was nominated for Outstanding Male Newcomer Daytime for his role as 'Ben Shelby' on Ryan's Hope in 1988. He was working for Keebler Cookies at the time, in the warehouse loading trucks, mostly on the graveyard shift. During the time he spent on Ryan's Hope he acted in an Off Off Broadway play called Liars, and eight months after that he got the part of 'Linc Lafferty' on As The World Turns, where he stayed for the next two years. A year after he left As The World Turns he came out to Los Angeles for pilot season and did several really good commercials. In 1997 he got the role of 'Trent Malloy' in a two hour Walker, Texas Ranger movie called 'Sons of Thunder'. The role became a recurring one for Jimmy who went on to guest star in several more episodes of the long running series. In 1999 a spin-off series called Sons of Thunder was created with Jimmy starring as 'Trent Malloy' again. Despite high ratings the series was short-lived with only six episodes shown. We all hope to see Jimmy on the big or small screen sometime in the near future. Jimmy is married and lives in the Los Angeles area.moreless

    Birth Name:

    James Wlcek



    Birth Place:

    New York, New York

    Also Known As

    Jim Wlcek, Jimmy Wlcek

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    • Jimmy: (on what he thought about doing after leaving 'As the World Turns') Well, after I left "As the World Turns" back in 1992, I seriously contemplated becoming a police officer in, uh, the town where I grew up.

    • Jimmy: (on if he lets stardom go to his head) [smiling] My wife will kick me in the head if I do.

    • Jimmy: (on becoming a Hollywood hearttrob) I just hope I can still play with my kids and take them to Disneyland. You know, Chuck can't do that.

    • Jimmy: (on being in 'Sons of Thunder') Like two kids getting paid the money that we were for getting to play cops and robbers, ya know. It's a dream come true.

    • Jimmy: (on the tough scenes for 'Sons of Thunder') [smiling] I broke, uh, my big toe twice so far, I almost lost my teeth [brings both hands up to his mouth] and scraped up my arms [rubbing right forearm with left hand] in Utah in a bike, uh, accident, uh, hurt my tailbone [reaching behind with left hand to touch "tailbone"] a couple of times.

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    • Jimmy has been working as an actor since 1975 when he was first in the Ryan's Hope as Ben Shelby.

    • Jimmy worked on an Off Off Broadway play called Liars.

    • During 1987 when Jimmy was auditioning for different shows, he was working for Keebler Cookies, in the warehouse loading trucks, where he worked mostly the graveyard shift.

    • In 1987, Jimmy auditioned for a part on All My Children but didn't get the part because he wasn't old enough.

    • Jimmy grew up in New York and New Jersey.

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