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  • Joe: I feel bad every year because I was born on my parents' anniversary so I'm like "Yay it's all about me!" then I'm like "I'm so sorry."

  • Joe: No, I don't have a third arm...silly fans.

  • Joe: (about feeling down) It's like sometimes, you know, you're like, "Man I'm feeling a little lonely... I'm gonna go to the mall!" and then people are like "HEY WHATS UP?" and you're like "... oh hey."

  • Joe: I think I'm someone who takes a lot of chances and is always willing to try something new. I hate being bored, so I'm always looking for new ideas and ways to entertain myself and my friends. But I also think I can be a bit of a loner. I often will go out running in the park and I never want anyone to be with me then. I like having the chance to think, to be quiet with myself.

  • Joe: In school, kids are always trying to fit in with the crowd. Everyone goes through that and feels peer pressure from that. I know I did when I was growing up. I definitely wanted to hang out with the cool kids and tried to be something I'm not.

  • Joe: If you like the same girl as one of your best friends, you won't go after her, and my brothers and I are best friends. I'd rather have my best friend than some girl we're fighting over.

  • Joe: I always fall or trip, but I just get back up and keep rocking out. Sometimes I see a speaker and I'm just like, "Don't trip!"

  • Joe: I know my brothers think I'm crazy and wild, and that I'm always running around and doing crazy things. But I can be serious when it comes to thinking about the future. And I can be serious and focused when it comes to my career.

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  • Joe doesn't like it that much when a girl wears a lot of lip gloss. He says, "A guy wants to kiss your lips, not your lip gloss."

  • Joe Jonas is a huge fan of the actor Daniel Craig and got to meet him at the help for Haiti telethon.

  • Joe is ranked #7 in AIM's "100 Celebs Under 25".

  • Joe Jonas dated Taylor Swift and broke up with her in a 27 second phone call. She wrote the song "Forever and Always" about him. Taylor is referenced to in Jonas Brothers' song "Much Better".

  • Joe was once sent to the principal's office on the first day of school for playing a prank on his friends.

  • Joe has a scar above his nose after getting 50-60 stitches while making a video for Youtube with his brothers. The idea of the video was that he could run through walls, when he really ran into the wall and had to be rushed to the hospital.

  • For Joe's 19th birthday, he wanted a motorcycle with a sidecar.

  • Joe is the last brother to wake up, and his family has a very hard time doing it.

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