Joe Lando

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  • When Joe was younger he said: I loved pretending, and I was a big fan of Daniel Boone, so I ran around dressed up like him.

  • His long hair on Dr. Quinn was part of his contract.

  • Joe always appeared very tan on Dr. Quinn but it was all make-up, he said naturally he was as white as a ghost.

  • Joe spent 10 years in Los Angeles, studying with acting coaches. He was able to pay for the lessons by working as a chef in Italian restaurants.

  • His mom was a homemaker and his dad was a businessman who did well manufacturing fishing tackle and other similar products.

  • Joe briefly dated his co-star on Dr. Quinn, Jane Seymour, before she met and married James Keach, one of the shows directors.

  • Joe was voted Sexiest Actor in Canada in 1995. He has said, It's not easy to be number one with competition like (Seinfeld's) George Costanza out there, but I promise I'll just keep putting my buckskins on one leg at a time.

  • Joe worked as a cook in a resturant in Hollywood. While doing this he took acting classes.

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