Joely Richardson

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  • Joely (about Nip/Tuck): You get a little bit jaded even on this show, in that you think 'I don't know if I can be surprised anymore because all the characters are just so extreme, going through extreme situations and emotions every episode.

  • Joely: You grow up by making mistakes. I've made a ton of them, but as long as I keep on failing better, I don't mind.

  • Joely: I love weddings but it seems that the couples I know who aren't married stay happier because they never take each other for granted. I would feel scared to sign on the dotted line again.

Trivia (22)

  • Joely has appeared in commercials for Lloyds TSB Bank.

  • At the Primetime Emmys in 2004 Joely presented the award for Outstanding Made for TV Movie.

  • In 2004, and again in 2005, Joely was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series, Drama for Nip/Tuck.

  • Joely is only twelve years older than John Hensley who plays her son, Matt, in Nip/Tuck.

  • Joely likes to play tennis, and was on a tennis team in high school.

  • Joely is the sister-in-law of Academy Award nominated actor Liam Neeson.

  • Joely was married to Tim Bevan from 1992 until they divorced in 2001.

  • Joely is the niece of the Tony Award and Academy Award nominated actress Lynn Redgrave.

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