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  • John: (about getting the role on Northrn Exposure) I knew nothing about the show except for the few lines that I was given to prepare for my screen test. Because the producers of the show were located in Los Angeles, California, my first audition was done on tape in New York City.

  • John: I think of Northern Exposure as comic drama. It's humor derives often from the unexpected behavior of the characters.

  • John: I wanted two years in New York to decide if I wanted to be an actor, so I went, and I loved it. It was a very exciting time.

  • John: Despite the space limitations, it was a heady era for the performing arts at UT.

  • John: We used to rehearse in a classroom because they didn’t have a rehearsal space or a theater, the performances were either at the Bijou or at Tyson Junior High.

  • John: (about his character on Northern Exposure) Holling, at one time or another, had been a different type-a hell-raiser, a drinker, perhaps even a womanizer. But he has a natural instinct for right and wrong. And he gets confused when his basic ideas don't fit in with his emotional needs. Like some of the things he feels for Shelly. He's probably never been as attracted to anyone before. He was immune and then that young girl came into his life and bowled him over. He fought against it for a long time-48 hours-but he wanted her. It's as simple as that.

Trivia (14)

  • John was nominated in 1995 for a SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series for Northern Exposure.

  • in 2007 Cullum is starring in the stage production of 110 Degrees in the Shade, Cullum plays the role of H.C Curry.

  • When appearing on ER Cullum played father to Mark Greene. Anthony Edwards who plays Mark Greene also stared alongside Cullum in Northern Exposure during season four as bubble man Mike Monroe.

  • John Cullum's son JD Cullum is also an actor and has appeared in shows such as Charmed, 24 and Judging Amy.

  • John played on the University of Tennessee's Championship Tennis Team.

  • Cullum played father to Robin Williams in The Night Listener.

  • Cullum enrolled in the University of Tennessee to study Business Administration but switched to Speech just before he failed the class.

  • John is married to modern dancer, choreographer, playwright and novelist Emily Frankel.

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