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  • John: Schools are really bad now. Schools are not only bad in reading, writing and arithmetic, they're worse in cultural aspects, like in music and art. They don't teach you anything.

  • John: All artists get better with age. The more you draw, the better you're going to get.

  • John: (On today's cartoons) Most cartoons you see today still have garish color; they're pink, purple, and green. Genndy Tartakovsky's cartoons are exceptions - they have great color.

  • John: I don't think animation is as good as it was in the 1930s, 1940s and 50s. To me the classic cartoons were much more skilled in every way: better drawings, great animation, better stories, way better characters and more appealing styles and much more imaginative. Most cartoons today do not use the basic elements of what separates the cartoon from other mediums. They try to imitate other mediums and are not as good as the mediums they emulate. I realize these are very general statements, but in general there is a huge gap in quality and inspiration between today's cartoons and the classic cartoons.

  • John: It's beyond me how Mickey Mouse or Walt Disney ever became a success. Disney must have been the blandest human on the planet, it's like he was from another century. When you look at Disney's early cartoons they're the blandest things in the world. Then you see what Fleischer was doing, it's just leagues ahead of Disney.

  • John K: (In an interview about the content in his cartoons) My biggest thing is personality humor. I like the humor to come out of the characters. Sure, I like to put them in, you know, insane plots or situations and stuff like that, but if they don't seem like real characters it's not as much fun for me. That's why I'm not crazy about South Park and stuff like that, because it's merely edgy, but there's nothing else to support the edginess. The edginess that's in those shows, they don't say anything in those shows that you and your friends can't say at home sitting on the couch having a couple of beers. So my cartoons hearken back to American entertainment from the '30s and '40s, where you have to have good performance to back up the content.

  • John K: (In an interview, about making a feature film) We're hoping that at some future point that we can make a feature film for the theaters, that'd be great. I'd love to do a Ren and Stimpy feature; I'd love to do a George Liquor feature. Or a Ripping Friends feature at some point. I'd want to practice first on simpler characters like Ren and Stimpy.

  • John K: (In an interview, about getting Ren and Stimpy back into production) SI was a little nervous at first that we might not be able to recapture the feeling we had when we were first doing it, so we started by taking one of the old scripts, Ren Seeks Help, that never got produced. As we did it, within the first week we came up with most of the rest of the stories for the season, all new. Once we started working on it again, it all came back and the new stuff is even weirder than the old stuff! We got into it real fast.

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  • Jonh's style is strong poses and expressions.

  • John's favorite actor is Kirk Douglas.

  • John loves black and white cartoons.

  • In the 80's, John K. and Ralph Bashki planned to make a movie which was to be called "Bobby's Girl," but plans for it were canceled when the president of Tristar at the time stepped down.

  • John is one of many against DVNR (digital video noise reduction).

  • By combining the T.V. factory system and the old Warner Bros. system, he instituted a new version of directors' units to produce cartoons.

  • In the magazine, Wild Cartoon Kingdom, he wrote a review about Animaniacs under the name of Tom Paine.

  • He has a blog called All Kinds of Stuff.

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