John Melendez

Trivia and Quotes

Quotes (3)

  • John: As long as you keep working hard and believe in yourself, things can happen.

  • John: (talking about his friend Jay Leno) Jay is one of the greatest guys. He's a class act. I love hanging out with him. He's such a nice guy to his staff

  • John: To be a stutterer and to be the announcer on the biggest and best late night show that there ever was, is just amazing.

Trivia (14)

  • John can play the guitar and he can sing.

  • John had to work with a speech coach to overcome his stuttering so he could be the announcer on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

  • John's trade mark is asking shocking questions to celebrities during interviews on the red carpet.

  • John use to be in a band called Rock Slide. He later formed his own band called Stuttering John.

  • John attended New York University's film school in 1988.

  • John attended Plainedge High School in Massapequa, Long Island.

  • John is half Puerto Rican.

  • John has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

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