John Melendez

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Quotes (3)

  • John: As long as you keep working hard and believe in yourself, things can happen.

  • John: (talking about his friend Jay Leno) Jay is one of the greatest guys. He's a class act. I love hanging out with him. He's such a nice guy to his staff

  • John: To be a stutterer and to be the announcer on the biggest and best late night show that there ever was, is just amazing.

Trivia (15)

  • After he went on the Adam Corolla radio show, he remarked that he felt he was not being respected or taken care of financially back when he worked on the Howard Stern Show. Stern counter-attacked on his own program that John did virtually nothing when John worked on his show and even took advantage of people that worked on The Howard Stern Show. There was a flood of people speaking out against John and Stern closed with saying that he never wanted anything to do with John ever again.

  • John can play the guitar and he can sing.

  • John had to work with a speech coach to overcome his stuttering so he could be the announcer on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

  • John's trade mark is asking shocking questions to celebrities during interviews on the red carpet.

  • John use to be in a band called Rock Slide. He later formed his own band called Stuttering John.

  • John attended New York University's film school in 1988.

  • John attended Plainedge High School in Massapequa, Long Island.

  • John is half Puerto Rican.

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