John Pyper-Ferguson

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  • John Pyper-Ferguson: (On doing most of his own stunts.) I fall down a lot. Sometimes another fella falls down for me but mostly I manage to fall down without to much help.

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  • Although his was born in Australia, John Pyper-Ferguson is quick to point out that he is a proud Canadian.

  • One of his favorite albums is Ween's 12 Golden Country Greats.

  • John Pyper-Ferguson has appeared onstage playing roles such as Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, Bernie in Human Remains, and Dean Rebel in Trafford Tanzi.

  • His first television role was as Sonny Hamilton in the Canadian prime-time drama series Hamilton's Quest.

  • When Bruce Campbell was asked his opinion on his Adventures of Brisco County Jr. co-star John Pyper-Ferguson this is what he said: "J.P. Ferguson is one of those actors who so enjoys his craft, that he tends to steal the scenes he is in, merely by out-enjoying the other actors around him. He's not even an idiot, either ...."

  • He often goes by the nickname Pyper.

  • John Pyper-Ferguson is a serious hockey fan who also enjoys baseball, hiking and taking road trips.

  • Walter Wannamaker Day at the Plate vs. the Downtown Demons Monster on the Mound is the title of a one-man show that John has written and performed.

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