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  • John Safran: I’m definitely pro-religion, more so than anti-religion, I constantly feel like I’m going to get into trouble for the things I do, even if there’s no logical reason for me to get into trouble. So that’s the reason, I think, why I must believe there is something “there”, God or whatever. Because why would I feel like I’m doing something wrong if I believed there was nobody around to punish me for it?

  • John Safran: Oh yes, the Devil does still live. And I do like the Devil, and I’m really disappointed that for example modern Catholicism is trying to play down the Devil, as this kind of literal figure. They go, Oh well you know, it’s the Devil but it’s not really the Devil, it’s just like broadly talking about bad things and stuff like that. I don’t think the Catholic church should do that though, they should in fact put a Devil logo somewhere on the front of churches just to get people in.

  • John Safran: It is life’s great paradox, but there’s nothing I prefer more than a game of scrabble but nothing I prefer less than my opponents who are always accusing me of putting out words that aren’t real. Sure, if I put down a word and you haven’t seen it before, it must be because it’s not real. There’s no chance there’s a word you haven’t encountered before, you know everything, you’re the font of universal knowledge, you’re a walking Funk and Wagnalls.

  • John Safran: Yes, Haiti was quite extreme, like not in a religious sense, but obviously as anyone watching the news a few months ago see, it’s always just about to break out in anarchy, so it was quite scary kind of behind the scenes. We had like rocks thrown at our car, and there was a point where a window was smashed by a rock and like little shards of glass went into the arm of my producer and I just thought this isn’t good, this isn’t kind of like scary in like a good funny way, this is scary in a you know it’s truly not worth getting injured for the sake of my stupid comedy show.

  • John Safran: You're going to choose eight people. You'll choose four boys and four girls. You're going to choose one Asian, you're going to choose one Aboriginal, you're going to choose two white Anglo-Saxon Protestants, or else you'll get letters to 'BackChat' telling you the ABC's multiculturalism gone mad. You're going to choose a girl from rural Australia who's sensitive, despite the fact her parents probably have guns buried in their backyard for the upcoming race Armageddon. And finally, you're going to choose one skinny, pale, whiny person. And that's where I fit into the picture.

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  • John Safran spent portions of 2007 in Los Angeles shooting a pilot John Safran Saves America for American MTV, in which he tried to convince emos to fight in Iraq, hit the couch with therapists who claim they can cure people of racism, and attempted to become gay to increase his standing in Hollywood. The show is yet to be picked by producers.

  • John's single Not the Sunscreen Song came in at #706 on Triple M's 2005 Greatest Songs Ever Written and Performed since the Beginning of Time poll.

  • John once snuck 9 young men into an exclusive Melbourne nightclub by disguising them as members of the American metal band Slipknot.

  • John and Mark O'Toole won the Awgie Award in 2003 from the Australian Writer's Guild for their segment 'Everybody cut Footloose' on his television series Music Jamboree

  • John Safran's Music Jamboree was partly directed by former fellow Race Around the World racer Olivia Rousset.

  • Although he he came last in the original series of Race Around the World due to a disqualification in one round, John still won the 'most popular' vote.

  • When applying for a role on the ABC's Race Around the World contestants had to begin their audition tape with a 10 second fade-in of black. John choose yellow.

  • John was charged for pitch invasion at an Australian cricket match when he tried to tempt Shane Warne into having a cigarette. At the time Shane Warne was under contract for a nicotine patch company. To do this, John released a remote control seagull, with a cigarette dangling from its mouth, onto the MCG during a match. The police charged him and sent him off to the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court. The case was dismissed.

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