John Swartzwelder

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Quotes (2)

  • John Swartzwelder: (before hanging up the phone during his only recording in a Simpsons DVD commentary) Too bad this is not really John Swartzwelder.

  • John Swartzwelder: (when asked what he is doing on the phone during the recording of a Simpsons DVD commentary) I was cooking a steak.

Trivia (37)

  • John and his good friend David Schutten once drove from Chicago to Los Angeles in a Jaguar XKE. They got stuck in the desert and inspired James L Brooks to pen the scene in National Lampoons Vacation.

  • John produced and co - produced 70 episodes of The Simpsons, as well as wrote many of the show's episodes.

  • John is a staunch libertarian.

  • John is said to have a love for "anything old timey American" and incorporates this theme into some of his episodes.

  • John's only ever televised appearance was in a 1985 episode of Saturday Night Live where he played a sailor.

  • When smoking was banned in the writer's room of The Simpsons, John stopped attending writing sessions and instead submitted his future scripts by driving up to the studio and handing them in through his car window. This was due to John's avid smoking habit.

  • John is a big fan of Steve Allen and was allegedly "jumping out of his skin" when Allen agreed to do a guest voice on The Simpsons.

  • When the coffee shop that John wrote in went out of business, he bought the booth he wrote in there and had it installed in his home.

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