Johnny Galecki

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Leonard Hofstadter on The Big Bang Theory


4/30/1975, Bree, Belgium

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  • With his tangle of curly, brown hair and sensitive half-smile, Johnny Galecki captured viewers hearts and perfected his comic facets over a five season (1992-1997) run on ABC's ground-breaking sitcom, Roseanne. Cast as David Healy, he made a name for himself as the soft-spoken, gentle-hearted, and most times, put-upon boyfriend of acerbic Darlene Conner, and infused fresh perspective into the program's eruptive happenings. In no time, Johnny developed into a fan favorite in the role he is remembered most for. Born in Bree, Belgium, where his father was serving in the U. S. Armed Forces, and raised in Chicago, Galecki knew very early in his life that he wanted to be an actor. At only 7 years of age, he already had several theatre performances under his belt including the stage musicals, Fiddler on the Roof and Pippin, and in Galileo, opposite actor Brian Dennehy. Johnny began his professional acting career at the age of twelve and debuted on the big screen as River Phoenix's brother in A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon in 1988, and inherited the role of Rusty from actor Anthony Michael Hall in 1989's National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. After playing Robert Urich's son in the 1990's Emmy-nominated mini-series, Blind Faith and on the short-lived NBC comedy series, American Dreamer, Galecki garnered sitcom success on Roseanne. Johnny had previously worked with comedienne, Roseanne Barr, playing her son in the ABC made-for-TV movie, Back Field in Motion (1991). He stayed with the show until its final season in 1997. He then added to his television credits with several guest appearances, leading roles in televison movies, and a minor role on the ephemeral Head of the C l a s s spin-off, Billy. Johnny Galecki made his return to feature films in supporting roles in the teen horror flick, I Know What You Did Last Summer and the comedy, Bean, both in 1997. He followed it with his critically acclaimed performance in Suicide Kings released that same year. Johnny veered away from his "darling" image to play a menacing homosexual in the 1998 movie, The Opposite of Sex, and played a convict in 1999's Morgan's Ferry. After small parts in Bounce (2000), Playing Mona Lisa (2000), and Vanilla Sky (2001), he played a leading role in the comedy thriller, Bookies, which premiered at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival. After taking a few more bites out of the small screen (guest starring in the TV comedy series, My Name is Earl in 2006; appearing in as a recurring character in episodes of the sitcom, Hope and Faith during the 2005-2006 season; and as Trouty, a less than desirable character in the TBS comedy series, My Boys), Galecki's acting took him down an entirely new path: he appeared in the Off-Broadway production of Carter Beene's gay Hollywood satire, The Little Dog Laughed, as Alex, a young prostitute. The play opened on Broadway to rave reviews on November 13, 2006 and ran until February 18, 2007. It was the only new American play to have opened on Broadway that season. At present, Johnny is involved in The Big Bang Theory, a CBS comedy series developed for the 2007-2008 television season. Co-starring with actor, Jim Parsons, he plays Leonard, one of two theoretical physicists who meets a woman who shows them how little they know about life.moreless



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    Bree, Belgium

    Also Known As

    Johnny Galeki, John Galecki

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    • Johnny: I do theatre as often as possible; basically when I can afford to do theatre, whenever they’ll have me.

    • Johnny: (sweetly, when asked about the possible unrest on the set of ‘Roseanne’) Honestly, it’s really nothing more than a very comfortable workplace.

    • Johnny: (about the homosexually-themed Broadway satire, ‘The Little Dog Laughed’, in which he performed) At its core, the play is about what we all sacrifice to be successful, whatever our careers or goals.

    • Johnny: (about his co-starring role in the television drama, ‘A Family Torn Apart’) I wanted to do something a little diverse from that people were use to seeing me doing. I’m just a big fan of true-life crime stories. I’m not a violent person.

    • Johnny: (about society’s fascination with celebrity life) There’s an interesting dynamic of people wanting to know all the details, but also wanting to be part of this fantasy world.

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    • Johnny, along with such celebrity guests as Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, Vanessa Williams, Paula Abdul, Sara Ramirez, and Pink, attended the 2007 TV Guide’s post-Emmy party, a French burlesque-inspired gala which was held at the Hollywood hotspot, Les Deux. The red and black dominated event featured white-wigged women dressed as Marie Antoinette scattered around the premises serving champagne and swinging seductively on large chair swings, and a large set up under a tent with plush couches for guest seating providing the stage for musical entertainment, Kanye West, John Legend, and Band From TV (Hugh Laurie on keyboards, Greg Grunberg on drums, James Denton on guitar, and lead singers: Bachelor Bob Guiney and Bonnie Somerville from Kitchen Confidential).

    • Johnny will reunite with former “girlfriend”/”wife,” fellow ABC sitcom, Roseanne, alum, Sara Gilbert, who will guest star in a multiple-episode arc on the CBS comedy series, The Big Bang Theory, in which Galecki co-stars as one of two socially awkward scientists embarking on the “real” world after a voluptuous woman becomes their new neighbor. Gilbert will play the part of a physicist colleague and possible love interest of Johnny’s character.

    • Johnny, originally considered for the part of Sheldon, a genius who can handle calculus equations, but can’t decipher how to talk to the opposite sex, opted for the ever-so-slightly more socially adjusted Leonard role on the CBS sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

    • Johnny was presented the Theatre World Award for his Broadway performance in The Little Dog Laughed at the by-invitation-only, 63rd annual awards ceremony held on June 5, 2007 at New Worlds Stages (New York, NY). A Theatre Award honoree is chosen by the Theatre World Awards committee with the award traditionally bestowed upon theatre newcomers by former award winners. Johnny was one of twelve recipients to receive the 2007 Theatre World Award, which remains the oldest one given for a debut theatre performance on On or Off-Broadway.

    • Johnny smokes Parliament Light Brand cigarettes.

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