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  • Johnny: (on doing the voice of Vash in the anime Trigun, his first voiceover role) That was my first time to play animation stuff so it was tough. They gave me the first couple of episodes to watch, and Vash did a lot of screaming and high pitched voices...and he was crazy. I didn't really prepare, actually - I just went in to the booth.

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  • Johnny's first album with his band Eyeshine was How About That in 2006. The first full album was RED STRIPES WHITE LIGHTS released in February 2008.

  • Johnny starred in Extreme Heist, alongside Jason Narvy and Paul Schrier from Power Rangers, which was famous for its high-octane stunts. Johnny did all of his stunts, but he ended up with two cracked ribs, a twisted ankle, and nearly getting hit by a truck.

  • Johnny wrote, directed, and produced a movie called Stray in 2005.

  • Johnny worked along with Daniel Southworth, the runner up for the role of Adam Park of Power Rangers at the 1994 audition, on Broken Path. However, he did split his head during a stunt and had to have five stitches.

  • The place where Johnny auditioned for his Power Rangers role was at KD Studio, on July, 1994.

  • Johnny's famous "I'm a frog" line from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie was not in the script and was ad libbed by him, who was genuinely disappointed that he was given frog powers.

  • Johnny is married to Amy Bosch.

  • Over the course of Power Rangers, Johnny has been the second black Ranger of MMPR, the green Zeo Ranger, and the green Turbo Ranger.

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