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  • Jon: Acting is sort of an extension of childhood. You get to play all of these roles and have so much fun. Playing an athlete would be so cool. Or where you get to shoot guns, ride horses. I wouldn't turn down any of that.

  • Jon: I've gotten away with a lot in my life. The older you get the more you realise you're not getting away with it, it's taking its toll somewhere. So you try not to put yourself in those situations. Part of the mysterious process called growing up. Some people do that better than others.

  • Jon: (in an April 2008 interview) I was raised by a single mother and I've been in a 10-year relationship with my girlfriend. My whole life I've been surrounded by women.

  • Jon: Being in an ensemble cast is the best. You're all in the same boat. You're all together.

  • Jon: There are a lot of stories about your parents that sometimes you just don't get when you're a little kid - like philandering or maybe not being the best person. And you think, yeesh! We all have impressions of people in our lives, political leaders or father figures, where you think, 'They always had our best interests in mind.' Very often that's not the case - it's the opposite, they had their best interests in mind.

  • Jon: (in an August 2007 interview) I think kids now, their detectors are much more fine-tuned than the people in my generation or even older, because we're just, I think, sort of accustomed - if it's in print, you kind of believe it.

  • Jon: (on his relationship with girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt; in a 2007 interview) I have a lady, she's a great lady. I love her a lot, she loves me. We're on the same page. Whenever that day happens when we're not on the same page we'll move forward with it. We're interested in having our lives be our lives right now and not a third person's vis-à-vis marriage and whatever that means.

  • Jon: (on him attending John Burroughs School in St. Louis, Missouri) I have to say it was the single most profound, resonating decision ever made in my life. It wasn't made by me, but it's what every mother should want for her child.

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  • He tried out for the role of Jack Donaghy on the TV series 30 Rock, but he lost the part to Alec Baldwin.

  • For his performance as Don Draper in Mad Men, Jon was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in the 2008 Emmy Awards.

  • Jon Hamm considers Mad Men creator Matt Weiner and his co-star John Slattery as his "man crushes".

  • Jon is a longtime friend of comedian/TV host Sarah Silverman.

  • Hamm won's Sexiest Man Living Award in 2007. He was also among the twenty-four actors and actresses named TV Guide's Sexiest Stars on TV in 2008.

  • Jon is an avid golfer and a fan of football. He also plays tennis.

  • Jon began acting when he was six years old. He played Winnie the Pooh in his class play when he was in grade one.

  • Jon was 20 years old when his father passed away. His mother died when he was just ten. His parents divorced when he was two, and he then lived with his mother. When she passed away of colon cancer, Jon lived with his father, his two half-siblings, and his grandmother.

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