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  • Jon: (Concerning the inevitability of his career which he felt later on may have played against him) Because it was the family business I never had to struggle to join it I took it for granted which is maybe why I've never taken it seriously enough.

  • Jon Pertwee: Charles Lawton, the famous actor, said to me 'I understand you were thrown out of RADA.' I said 'Yes' and he said 'you're bound to do well, so was I'

  • Jon: There's nothing more alarming than coming home and finding a Yeti sitting on your loo in Tooting Bec.

  • Jon Pertwee: I saw the Doctor as an interplanetary crusader and it was this dashing Pied Piper image that appealed to me. I could spread my cloak, take the Earth under my wing and say, 'It's all right now...I'll deal with this.'

  • Jon Pertwee: (On getting the role of the Doctor) When my agent approached the BBC and that long silence on the phone was over we were told that I was on their short list and had been ever since they wanted a replacement for Patrick Troughton.

  • Jon Pertwee: I like the best of everything.

  • Jon Pertwee: (on his role of The Doctor) It never occurred to me that I could ever be remotely considered for the part of the Doctor. When Tenniel Evans, with whom I was playing in The Navy Lark, suggested I put myself up for the part, I thought it was an absurd idea. I was widely known as a radio and stage comedy actor and they would never take the suggestion seriously.

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    When Jon Pertwee met Patrick Troughton oh "The Three Doctors" in 1973, Jon & Patrick argued on & offset, but they became friends in the end. Jon Pertwee even hosted Doctor Who: The Troughton yrars in memory of his best friend.

  • Like the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee was into gadgets in real lfie.

  • Had a tattoo of a snake on his right forearm. Which he got during his stint in the Navy. Can be visible in the "Doctor Who" episodes "Spearhead from Space" (when he takes a shower) and "Doctor Who and Silurians" (when he wears a t-shirt).

  • Is considered the original Inspector Gadget on Doctor Who, where his Doctor comes up with gadgets.

  • Father of Sean Pertwee.

  • Was a comedian before he got the part of The Third Doctor on Doctor Who.

  • Jon died one week after the Doctor Who telemovie (1996) first aired on the 12th of May.

  • Jon's full name is John Devon Roland Pertwee. John after the apostle, Devon after the county and Roland after his father.

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